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Make It : A Dessert Stand for Mom from HonestlyWTF

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Today's guest post comes from the beloved Erica over at HonestlyWTF. They've just launched a new site, HonestlyYUM, which is filled with mouth-watering recipes and DIY tutorials centered around food and entertaining. It's definitely worth checking out (now!).

I've been wanting to make my own tiered dessert stand for awhile now. However, the risk of potentially cracking perfectly precious vintage plates was seriously limiting my motivation. So after much research and time spent at the hardware store, I've found a foolproof way to safely drill holes into porcelain. You'll need a power drill and perhaps another set of hands but trust me, it's totally worth it and actually quite easy. Plus, they make fabulous gifts for mom!


You'll need:
a set of 2-3 vintage plates
cakestand hardware set (which includes a screw, a metal washer, & 5 foam washers)
a power drill
a diamond drill bit
a permanent marker
a screwdriver
wood block


Make sure the diamond drill bit will create a hole large enough for the brass fittings to fit through. Insert the bit into the drill. Using a permanent marker, mark a small X over the center of the plate.


Place a plate over the wood block. Pouring a few drops of water over the mark will help lubricate and cool down the drill bit while drilling and prevent the plate from cracking. Hold the drill at a 45 degree angle and at a slow speed, start drilling over the mark. Slow and steady is the key - do not apply too much pressure. Let the drill do the work!


Once a notch has been made in the plate, slowly rotate the drill upright at a 90 degree angle and apply only the slightest bit of pressure straight down. Add a few more drops of water if necessary.


After about 20-30 seconds, the bit should pierce directly through the plate. Repeat the same steps for the other plates. After each plate is cleaned, insert the screw and a washer from the bottom of the largest plate.


Place a foam washer over top of the plate. Screw on the first fitting and tighten with a screwdriver.


Add a another foam washer over the fitting before adding the second plate.


Continue alternating washers, fittings, washers and plates.


Your dessert tray is finished!


They're ready for just about any sweet treat. I also like to use them as jewelry stands for rings and bracelets. Have fun!


(images by HonestlyYUM)

Thanks, Erica!

Comments (5)

  • Hell-o: It took a lot of courage to do this project knowing the plates could crack..good for you! I am seriously thinking about doing this. Thank you

  • Oooo, I love this idea! I'm going to start looking for great plates at the thrift store today. I can also see using two bowls and a tea cup on top as a fruit or candy stand. If I find some great plates I'll do it and post it on my blog! -Marie Vlasic

  • ACK! I love this idea!! Hitting up the thrift shop tomorrow to give it a go-- thanks for the inspiration!

  • This is a great suggewstion. Where do you get the fittings? I have been looking all over for them.

  • Betty, I've seen the hardware for sale on Etsy. Very reasonably priced! Good luck with your project. I'm going to try it myself.

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