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Make It : Bubble Printing

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Bubble printing is a fun kid-friendly technique using materials that you most likely already have in the house. In Good Things this month I bubble-printed paper to make tags, cards and wrapping paper. I love activities that entertain the kids while producing something useful. I think this year my kid's grandmas will be receiving their Mother's Day gifts wrapped in this stuff!
Screen shot 2013-05-03 at 11.43.39 AMAll you need is some tempera paint (food coloring works too), bubble solution and some straws. To make wrapping paper, I used rolls of thin butcher paper (or white kraft paper). For the cards and tags, I used heavier card stock and watercolor paper.

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Add around 3 tablespoons of paint (or about 10 drops of food coloring) to about 1/2" of bubble solution in a baking dish or shallow bowl. (To minimize the mess I placed the dish of bubbles on top of a cookie sheet and covered the table with newspaper.) Stir until the paint is dissolved. Tilt dish to form a pool of the paint-bubble mixture. Using a straw, blow into the pool until a mound of bubbles is made. (Help younger children with this step to avoid ingestion) Gently lay the paper over the bubbles to print. If the bubbles are printing too lightly stir in some more paint or add a few drops of food coloring. You can layer colors on top of each other. Repeat until the paper is covered.

Happy printing!

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  • I love the look of this bubble print, and I'll bet any kids would enjoy making the bubble print wrapping paper and cards! Thanks!

  • hi jodi,
    thank you for your fantastic post. we tried it for two days but havnt succeded yet- by using food color and tempera. we followed your instructions but the prints didnt soak colour nor shape of the bubbles.
    as we are totally in love with this project, please let us know if you have any clue what went wrong.
    stefanie and lenka

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