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Behind the Scenes : For the Makers

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We're excited to give you a behind the scenes look at the For the Makers workspace. With so many moving parts and materials to keep track of, we were incredibly curious how they made sense of it all. Take a look below at organizing tips and methods from For the Makers founders Katie and Janet.

FTM office 2

"We tend to break materials down into three categories to keep us sane: keep it out, stack it and archive it."

The Archive
Things get kept out of sight and out of mind if they are heading out to customers or archived which keeps reorganizing to a minimum. We try to make sure everything has a home so we can grab an earring back or a friendship bracelet in a pinch. Sometimes this works, most of the time we’re debating whether the pink beads from three months ago are under the table or in a box on a shelf.


thread winders

stacked boxes
Keep it out (the Wall Flowers)
Things that we haven’t quite figured out yet go on our inspiration board, window sill or in small bowls. As we play with materials, textures, colors and techniques we design each collection around what works best. We keep the gorgeous materials that just make us happy, like agates, amethyst geodes or spools of vintage brass chain out in the open too.

jewelry storage

Mood Board

The Stacks
The things we don’t need everyday but we know we’ll need soon stay in stacks and pretty jars or wire baskets. We picked up old battery jars, vaseline glass, porcelain trays, and wire baskets at our favorite yearly antiques show in Brimfield, Massachusetts. We stack the upcoming collection as it’s ready to ship out, backdrops for shooting close-ups, and props for our endless photo shoots. Years designing jewelry means we have an obscene amount of bracelets that we keep in pretty vintage jars so we can get sparkly at a moment’s notice.


compartment storage

shelf detail 2

shelf detail 3

A few things we always have on hand: washi tape, nail polish, a friendship bracelet, and a glass of wine. We started giving out friendship bracelets along with all sorts of embellishments and we absolutely love that people all over the place are rocking them now.

Thanks Katie and Janet!

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