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Make It : Gift Wrap Book Jacket Tutorial

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I am so excited for The Great Gatsby to come out in theatres, as it reminds me of these metallic and Art Deco-inspired bookcovers I love so much.   After spotting this Midori gift wrap, I knew I wanted to recreate a similar look with my own books.


Materials you will need:  gift wrap, ruler, pen, cutting mat, exacto knife



1.  Place an open book face-up on the gift wrap.   Draw lines that are 2" above and below, and 3" left and right of the book.


3.  Cut paper down to size.


4.  Fold in top and bottom flaps, and crease side folds.


5.  Slip the front and back covers into the side folds and close the book.


6.  Repeat as desired.


I bet  it would look great to do this to a series (of encyclopedias, Nancy Drews novels, etc) so the books are all the same size and look like a collection.

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  • This is also a cute way to wrap a book that you're giving as a gift! The recipient could decide whether to leave it on, since it protects the dust cover.

  • What a totally cute idea -- I can definitely see myself using this as a way to decorate my new home. =)

  • so neat i pinning it for shareing to see and use to .

  • Oh I love this paper (I own it) and I love the idea of wrapping book jackets! So smart and an easy-inexpensive way to decorate!

  • Such a beautiful project! And so easy! The results are stunning.

  • hello friends, I like this wrap paper it's a greate way to wrap our books so i think this is so effective and easy to decorate.

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