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Make It : Camp-Inspired Placemats and Coasters Tutorial

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Are you ready for summer?  I can hardly wait for the scorching sunshine, backyard barbeques, and icy cold drinks dripping with condensation.  In anticipation of the outdoor entertaining season, I made some placemats and coasters by taking a cue from Blake's great Camp-Inspired Leather Crafts.


Materials you will need:  cork placemats and coasters, nylon twine (look in your local hardware store), tape, screw punch, marker, ruler, and scissors.



1.  Using a ruler, mark points that are 1/4" from the edge and 3/8" apart.


2.  With the smallest hole setting of your screw punch, make holes according to the marker points.


3.  Cut a length of twine.  Wrap one end with tape to make a stronger tip for sewing - it should resemble a shoelace end.


4.  Lace through the holes with whip stitch.  Secure ends with a knot (or dab of glue) on the back side.


For coasters:

1.  Using a 2-5/8" paper square as a guide, mark points that are 3/8" apart.


2.  For stripes (see orange and pink coasters), only punch holes on 2 opposite sides of the square.  For a diamond (see yellow coaster), punch holes on all 4 sides of the square.


3.  Lace through the holes with straight stitch.  For the diamond points:  go up and down the same hole, leaving the smallest loop of twine.  Secure ends with a knot (or dab of glue) on the back side.


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