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Make It : Felt Luggage Tag Tutorial

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I often have trouble identifying my luggage from the sea of similar nondescript bags that ride the belt at the airport's baggage claim. Some passengers have strategies to make theirs stand out:  buy patterned luggage, wrap brightly-coloured straps around the bags, and even dangle ribbons or charms from the handles.  With a few trips on the horizon, I wanted to make something that is easy-to-spot and convenient to carry.


Materials you will need:  felt, scissors, ruler, disappearing ink pen, and sewing machine (or needle and thread)



1.  Cut a 3" x 11-1/4" felt rectangle.


2.  On one end, mark a 1-1/8" x 4" rectangle on both sides.


3.  Cut out rectangles, leaving a 3/4" x 4" long strap.


4.  Carefully cut a 2-1/4" slit along the centre of the strap, 1/4" in from the end.


5.  Fold main section at 3-1/4" (the back of the pocket should measure 4")


6.  Stitch both sides of pocket with a 1/4" seam allowance.


7.  To attach, slip strap under luggage handle.


8.  Wrap pocket around handle and pull through the slit.


9.  Insert business card or contact information.

So simple to make, you could sew a batch for people going away on vacation or even for kids going away to summer camp.

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