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Make It : Homemade Storybook for Dad!

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IMG_9123Last year on Mother's Day, my kids gave me what is perhaps my all-time favorite gift. With the help of my husband, they made a little storybook called "Superhero Mommy". Knowing that this would make an equally fantastic Father's Day gift, I copied him and had our boys make a "Superhero Daddy" version for their dad for Father's Day.

book cover and ribbon

For the original "Superhero Mommy" book, my husband asked the kids some leading questions to aid with the structure of the story. He then printed out their text and had the kids trim it out. He folded a stack of construction paper in half to make a book. The kids pasted each line to a page and added illustrations.

You can use these questions to create a book for the dad in your life!

  1. If Daddy was a superhero, what kind of superpowers would he have?
  2. What kind of problems could he solve with these superpowers?
  3. How does he solve these problems?

Incidentally, in my story, I am a superhero crafter who helped people in a world where "...crafts almost became extinct. People were on computers so much that they forgot how to use their hands for anything except typing." Wow!

photo 1

They made one for their grandma too! "Superhero Adele"! photo 3Looks like there will be a part 2!

Start with a premade blank book to make it easier (as I did for the Superhero Daddy" book and the book for grandma, above). These blank board books from Bare Books are a favorite of mine for craft projects, party favors and gifts.

I hope your superhero loves their storybook as much as I do!!

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