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Meet : Jay Mohler

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Although the term "God's Eye" might conjure memories of summer camp, one artist has truly elevated this simple craft with a respectful nod to its origins.


WHO:  Jay Mohler

WHAT:  Ojos de Dios weaver


WHERE:  Mars Hill, NC


WHEN:  late 1960's, after seeing his first Ojo de Dios in Mexico's Guadalajara marketplace.


WHY:   Jay has been studying Ojos de Dios for decades, noting the similarities between artifacts woven by Huichol Indians and Tibetan Buddhists.  A believer in their spiritual nature, he also appreciates the beauty of these humble yarn-and-stick creations.


Jay has travelled across California and New Mexico, selling his ojos.  He specializes in 8- and 12-sided pieces, which range from 11'-36" in diameter.

These days he also teaches workshops in the Asheville NC area.  For those of us not lucky enough to attend his class, Jay has generously shared his instructions.

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