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Celebrate : 'art party'

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Our sweet friend and colleague Laura left MSL to pursue her career in the art world, where she worked before she joined us. As you know we don't let an opportunity go by to celebrate, so we decided to have a going away party for her.  I had just been to Barneys and seen their collaboration with the Roy Lichtenstein estate. Their paper cups inspired me to have an 'art' theme for our party.

mondrian cake

Cami offered to make a 'Mondrian' cake.

We bought plates and napkins to match those colors.


Jodi emptied Campbell's tomato soup cans - Andy Warhol style - to hold the utensils.


I made cupcakes with splatter icing, reminiscent of Jackson Pollock.



Jessica brought berries we served in poplar wood containers, channeling Donald Judd. And the crackers on the cheese plate could've been arranged Richard Serra style, had we had the time before everyone started eating.


Postcards of modern art were scattered, so that everyone could write a good bye note for Laura. Though this was not a happy birthday party, but a sad farewell to a sweet friend, it was still a lovely party. All the best to you, Laura! We'll miss you!


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  • Really creative set-up there! I love the color-scheme and especially the Mondrian Cake. Might have to take a look at that tutorial and try it out for my next party/get together. I also love the idea of using soup cans a utensil caddy— so smart!!

  • I can say only one thing - your blog is amazing.

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