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Make It : fabric laminated trays

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final trays

Have you seen these laminated trays in the July/August issue of Martha Stewart Living !? They're my new favorite project. I  chose red, white and blue patterns for this 4th July story , but they'll look great all summer, or year for that matter.

I've since made several as gifts for my dearest friends,  who have birthdays just days apart from each other, each with similar tastes, yet slightly different color preferences.

trays tanya

for Tanya, who worked on the original story with me, and who loves grey, and - after an inspiring day shopping together - also pink.

trays goli

for Goli, for who I just had to add something 'ethnic' in

tray ayesha

For Ayesha, who's office wall is covered in these neutrals (and here's the pink again)

trays mami

and my mom, who was in her Florida home at the time, where these kind of colors work perfectly.

They make for perfect hostess gifts too!.   All you need is fabric scraps, inexpensive trays (I used some from Muji) and matte Modge podge. Now, what colors do you think I'll use for myself!?

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  • I like the idea of these trays. Any tips for cleaning?

  • What a great look! Not only can you do these trays in fabric but also a good idea is to hand-paint them and then laminate. In fact they'd be good heirlooms if you get your children to draw or write or even put their hand prints on them. LOVE these!

    love your blog too :)

  • I like this idea...

  • Great idea! Perfect for at the kids table so clean up is quick. Anyone know of a place to buy trays in Canada?

  • I love these trays, but do you have the directions to actually make them? I see a list of materials but no actual instructions...

  • Crafter Comment:

    Check out the July/August issue of Living for complete instructions!

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