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Make It : New Martha Stewart Crafts Jewelry Enamel

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I have always been a huge fan of enameled jewelry in fashion, and was so excited when we started developing our new Craft Jewelry Enamel.  It is the first air-cure, nail-hard, durable, and high gloss enamel available to crafters. You can use it to  personalize or update jewelry that you already own or it can be used with our enameling blanks to create something completely new.  Below is a step by step how-to so you can really see how it works.   In the coming weeks I will be sharing more project ideas and crafts using Martha Stewart Crafts Jewelry Enamel.   Here is a coupon for 20% off your entire jewelry purchase at Michaels. We would love to see what you are making!  Send us your photos at


Pictured above, all the things you need to make a beautiful enameled charm with Martha Stewart Crafts Jewelry Enamel. A metal enamel blank, 1 tube of activator, 1 tube of enamel color, a silicone mat, toothpicks, and silicone tip tool.

To use our jewelry enamel, you need two essential components:

1) the enamel color (color of your choice)

2) the activator (clear liquid)

The enamel will not dry or work without the activator, so remember to pick this up at the same time at the store. You need two parts activator to enamel, which is why the activator comes in a larger quantity. The fine tip top makes it easy to squeeze out perfect dots so you can easily count and measure the perfect 2:1 ratio. 2 parts activator to 1 part color.

You can work directly on our Martha Stewart Crafts Silicone mat.  While wet, jewelry enamel is easy to clean off your surface just simply by using nail polish remover and a paper towel.  This applies to both your work surface as well as your enameled piece as a way to undo mistakes. For example, if you paint your piece and are not satisfied with the application, you can still remove it with nail polish remover as long as it has not fully cured.

I like to use toothpicks to mix my enamel color because they are disposable and I tend to mix a lot of colors. In the first photo you can see I have 2 drops activator to 1 drop enamel color (Pool). Use a toothpick to mix thoroughly.


enamel filmstrip_1

Mixing the jewelry enamel color with activator

Once your jewelry enamel is thoroughly mixed you can apply it to your metal piece (it should be cleaned and prepared by wiping down with rubbing alcohol and cotton ball or cloth). There are 2 different techniques that you can use to apply the enamel.

1) If you use your enamel straight away after mixing, it is a little "looser" and may create more of a translucent effect on your piece on curved surfaces. You will still achieve an opaque effect on flat surfaces.

2) If you wait 3 hours after mixing but before use, your enamel will have had time to thicken and will have more "body" which creates a more opaque effect (this is the best technique  on surfaces with a slight curve)

Using your toothpick, carefully paint in the desired areas with the enamel.

enamel filmstrip_2

You might notice some pooling in some areas. This is natural because the enamel is fluid and settles by itself. If it starts to overflow in areas, use your siliconetip tool and wipe away any excess. Use nail polish remover or simply wipe to clean off your tool after use.

enamel 16

Now that you've finished painting your piece, you should leave it to dry. Your enamel can take anywhere between 24-72 hours to dry completely depending on the humidity in your environment. If your enamel never dries completely, that means your mix did not have enough activator in it and you should try again. It should dry to a glossy, non-tacky, nail-hard state. If it is still very wet don't worry you can clean it off with an acetone based nail polish remover and start new.

Tip: To make sure your enamel has dried, you should keep the leftover enamel you mixed on the side. Test it by touching it with a toothpick and checking to see if it has cured before handling your own piece. That way you can check and see if your enamel has dried before you ruin your piece with finger prints!

After your piece is completely cured, you can add rhinestones for extra flair and use  your jewelry pliers, jump rings, and silver chain to complete your craft!

rhinestones and jumprings


You can also mix our enamels to make countless custom colors! I recommend mixing your colors individually first with the activator, then combining them. This helps you reduce the amount of enamel you waste while mixing and helps ensure you have the right amount of activator. Again, easy cleanup with an acetone based nail polish remover (Tip: let your enamels dry completely on the mat and then just peel it off later!).

Mix your own color of enamels. A drop each of our Pool, Wedding Cake, and Camellia Pink enamels creates a really pretty shade of cool grey.

Mix your own color of enamels. A drop each of our Pool, Wedding Cake, and Camellia Pink enamels creates a really pretty shade of cool grey.

Stay tuned for more project ideas and crafts with Martha Stewart Crafts Jewelry Enamel. Grab this coupon and get 20% off your entire jewelry purchase at Michaels. We've been so inspired by what people have been making out there; keep it coming!


For more instructions and a video on using our enamel paint, click this link here.

For Frequently Asked Questions and other inquiries about our Martha Stewart Crafts Jewelry products, call or contact our partners at Plaid:

Customer Service: 1-800-842-4197 Mon - Fri. 8am - 5pm EST

Comments (20)

  • really a cool idea ! I need to incorporate this in my jewelry business

  • oooh! could i use this on bobby pins or pushpins?

  • Crafter Comment:


  • That's a cool stuff. Hope this enamel will make a revolutionary change in jewelry industry.

  • It's amaze to do jewelery all alone! It's so special I think ;) I need to try it and I will surely send photo to you! Really nice job and I see it first time. In my contry people say dekoracje z filcu - filc dekoracyjny - I'm not sure how to translate it on english but it's something like - if you do it alone, you're satisfy ;)

  • Very nice jewelry, it's wonderfull to see how creatiwe people are. I will try by myself in saturady :)

  • Wow am I glad you've done a post about this! Something new I've been wanting to get into, it's fun to think up color scheme ideas for the blanks or being able to fix up some old pieces.
    That silicone tool is fabulous, too bad there is only one shape. I've seen the silicone clay shaping tools around online but they are hard to find locally.. perhaps the Martha Stewart Crafts team could produce a set for us so we could have them at our Michaels!

  • Is this enameling strong enough to last for a long time and can you use this to work on sterling silver?

  • Crafter Comment:

    Hi Vanesa,
    Once dried and cured, the enamel is permanent and will last indefinitely. It is extremely durable and nail-hard like you would find with enameled jewelry in the market.
    You can use this on any type of metal, so to answer your question, sterling silver would be a great surface to work on.

  • How long does this take to dry to the touch? Can they be moved before 24 hours? I want to teach a class with this. Will the pieces dry enough to be able to be moved to take home after class, and allowed to dry completely at home? I don't think people will want to leave their sterling silver pieces overnite. Also, is there a smell to this? Will we need a lot of ventilation?

  • Crafter Comment:

    There is almost no smell to this enamel; to give you a good reference, it has less odor than store-bought nail polish. But yes it is important to be in a well ventilated area.
    Depending on the humidity, your pieces will take anywhere from 24-73 hours to be dry to touch. Your pieces can be moved prior to being completely dry, but very very carefully! I suggest maybe a small cardboard jewelry box with a bed of rice so that they can nest their piece and carry it home. It has to be kept level; but the plus side is if you touch it a little by accident, it should still have some opportunity to settle back and any nicks should disappear.

  • Hi! Would this work well on a large piece, such as a chandelier? And if so, do you think it's durable enough for an outdoor piece? If not, is there another product you can suggest?

  • Crafter Comment:

    Hi Marlee,
    I would not recommend this on TOO large a surface, maybe just portions of your chandelier? This is a product best used on flat surfaces, and slight curves. I would not paint this onto something vertical or hanging. It would be incredibly durable once dry though.

    Could you tell us more clearly what your outdoor project is? All of our paints are outdoor and weather-resistant if you are looking to color a piece.

  • I love this stuff! I do have a question, can the activator be used alone to create a clear glaze on a piece? Or is there another probuct to use?

  • Crafter Comment:

    Hi Tara,
    No I'm sorry but the activator will not alone work that way. We are hoping the enamel will be popular enough that we can offer a clear solution in the future! (Pass the word on!)
    If you are looking for that clear effect, you can use any two-part epoxy that is also sold in the jewelry section of Michaels.

  • This is fantastic! Thank you for being so detailed. I love the available colors but appreciate knowing they can be mixed without an issue. I too am in need of a clear or translucent enamel. I am very allergic to nickel, so I really appreciate you mentioning the two-part epoxy in response to Tara. I will give that a try. I can't wait to start enameling! Thank you!

  • What materials will this adhere to? I would like to use this to fill in some engravings in a piece of plastic but didn't see a list of materials it will work with.

  • Crafter Comment:

    Our enamel will adhere to hard surfaces like glass and metal best, but it will also adhere to plastics. Just avoid plastics that might have a non-stick coating (silicone phone cases, etc).

  • Hello,
    I would love to work with thuis wonderfull product! But haven't found where you can buy it in Europe.. I live in the Netherlands..can you please tell me where I can buy it, and would ship to the Netherlands?
    Thank you so much!

  • Crafter Comment:

    Hi Jacqueline,
    I'm not sure how to help you with shipping to the Netherlands! but our partners at Plaid might.
    Please check out their site here, they have an online shop. Also reach out to their customer service, they are so fantastic and will get back to you with an answer.


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