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Inspiration Board : Nora's pom-pom day at the office

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This post comes from one of my favorite crafters ever - Nora, the 10 year old daughter of Ellen Morrissey, our Editorial Director of Books and Special Projects. Most recently we worked with Ellen on our latest Craft book Martha Stewart's Favorite Crafts for Kids,  for  which Nora was a huge inspiration and help (you might also remember her from this story ).

nora chicks

Hi! I’m Nora! My mom is Ellen Morrissey, Editorial Director of Books and Special Projects. I spent today at the offices of Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia, crafting. I was inspired by the new book, Martha Stewart’s Favorite Crafts for Kids, and its selection of pom-pom animals, which led me to create (and invent) several pom-pom creations of my own. I started the day by selecting several different types of yarn with Silke Stoddard, Deputy Crafts Editor, and using a pom-pom maker and pieces of felt, made two chicks. Following this, I made a pom-pom girl, Angora rabbit, flower, and a cow (complete with bell). Although it was a long day, I could have pom-pommed the rest of the hours off.


nora bunny


nora cow


nora flower


Thank you for all your work, Nora, your endless patience, for inspiring us, and for a fun day at the office with you! Can't wait to work on another project together hopefully soon !!!!

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