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Make It : Paper Pups

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I've been a fan of origami since I was a little kid and I'm certain that's why Paper Pups caught my eye.  We receive a lot of awesome books here in The Crafts Department but I was drawn to this book because of the bold design and the expressive group of dogs on the cover.  Upon leafing through the book I was particularly impressed with the degree of detail achieved in each of Hiroshi Hayakawa's kirigami dogs.

Paper Pups the second book from origami (folded paper) and kirigami (cut paper) enthusiast, Hiroshi Hayakawa, marries his love of papercraft and man's best friend.  The whole canine family of 35 dogs can be made with just paper and scissors -no glue or tape necessary!  While the book includes 35 different patterns there are bonus patterns available on Lark Crafts website.  Our interns each chose a different dog to try.  Hannah made a Chow Chow, Katie made her corgie, Claudia made an adorable spaniel and I  made a plaid Scottie:



Ready to get started?  Try the Dachshund or a Dalmatian here.

The book doesn't only include cute pups, it also has patterns for adorable accessories such as sweaters and bows for the different breeds.  You can even make your Basset Hound into a regular Sherlock Holmes with the glasses and pipe pattern available here!

We applaud Hiroshi's book as his "way of expressing gratitude to our canine companions... for teaching us humans what it's like to love and to be loved, and ultimately showing us how truly precious life is when shared with them".  Thanks Hiroshi & happy crafting to all!

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