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Behind the Scenes : HSN & Martha Stewart Crafts: Glitter Ornaments

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Today's guest post comes from Anduin Havens, our Design Director of videos and lover of crafts here at Martha Stewart.  She will be live on HSN on September 17.  Here is a behind the scenes look at the glitter ornament craft she will be demonstrating. 

One of  the best parts of my job at Martha Stewart is to appear live on HSN to show our craft products. A few weeks before I'm scheduled to be on, I receive the list of items I will be talking about and demoing, and my brain starts sparking! Many of the projects shown on HSN are created by some very talented crafters at our partner, EK Success. I also come up with some of the projects, because I want to make sure that I can clearly demonstrate anything I show on camera, but mostly because I am so inspired by all the products!

For my HSN appearance on September 17, I saw the Glitter Snowflake stickers and the glitter kits, and instantly, pretty and easy ornaments came to mind. Clear glass ornaments are readily available and are so fun to customize, either to add to your own tree or to give as handmade gifts.

This is a quick, easy craft using Martha Stewart Crafts Glitter and Glitter Snowflake Stickers.


This craft uses 5 elements: clear glass ornaments, Martha Stewart Crafts Glitter, Martha Stewart Crafts Glitter Snowflake Stickers, plain white paper, tape.


Remove the cap from the ornament. Roll the paper into a cone and tape in place. The small hole should fit into the ornament.


Pour glitter into the ornament. Different colors and shapes of glitter will provide different effects. This holographic flake glitter, in  Sugar Cube, is very snowy.


Use as much or as little glitter as you like. Shake it gently in the ornament so some flakes stick to the inside of the glass.


Replace the cap on the ornament. Place stickers on the outside, burnishing gently but firmly with your nail.


Done! I used the same color stickers on each ornament, contrasting with the color of the glitter.


Sugar Cube Holographic Flake glitter with turquoise stickers; Blueberry Slush Holographic Flake glitter with silver stickers; Crystal Fine glitter with royal blue stickers. The fine glitter coats the inside of the ornament to give it a translucent quality.


Tune in tomorrow, September 17th (1:00PM, 5:00PM an 8:00PM) on HSN and watch Anduin craft with these products and more!

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