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Inspiration Board : Pattern Box

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This September the Textile Arts Center is releasing 100 Postcards: a beautifully curated collection of postcards featuring 100 textile designs on postcards by ten international designers.  I, for one, can't decide if I should send them out or (selfishly) decorate my room with them!  The Textile Arts Center offers support to fiber artists of all levels -they have classes, consulting designer, artists in residence, and production services available to all.


The box set comes with a booklet about the designers that showcases their creative processes and influences.

Brittany Keats Cerullo's tonal designs -a combination of tangled thread, wispy ink drawings, and snagged fishnets and knits are sharply contrasted with Kindah Khalidy's playful watercolors of strawberries, ice cream cones, and a delicate floral.  The postcards included really do have something for everyone: there are repetitious, almost tribal, and somewhat obsessive ink drawings amongst ethereal images that could be depicting a vast amount of space or an extreme closeup of the tiniest pattern in nature.  This can be seen particularly in the work of Jennifer Parry Dodge.  Dodge's piece entitled "Paper Towel" looks more like a supernova while "Yarn, Mojave" demonstrates clearly the fibrous quality of the piece's namesake.  Personally, I can see that there's a postcard to fit almost every day and certainly every mood and I'm looking forward to reconnecting, and inspiring, my family and friends.

Grab yourself a bunch of 33 cent stamps and get to writing!  Who wouldn't love for one of these gorgeous cards to show up in their mailbox?


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