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Make It : simple lamp(shade)s

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Ever since producing this story about making your own lampshades for our September issue of Martha Stewart Living, I've been wanting to make one for my own house. I just can't decide which one .....

blackDo I make this quickest one of them all, which is simply glueing 2 Ikea lampshades - one up, one down - to each other and hiding the seam under a ribbon ?


redOr do I make this one, which looks more involved, but really only uses cotton ribbon (my favorite one from Angela Ligouri) wrapped around 2 metal frames, again with one upside down.


stringAnd then of course there is this one, which looks so elegant and was an idea I had been carrying around in my head for a long time. The silk yarn is just so beautiful.

Not that I couldn't make them all, given how simple they are. And now that I know how to wire a lamp thanks to Marcie's video, I might just do that. Check back in, to see which one I made (any suggestions ?!)

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