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Make It : Decoupage Your Halloween Costume!

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Halloween is getting dangerously close and if you're like me, you've been thinking about your costume since September, but haven't had the time to actually make anything! Or sometimes, your imagination is just too big for your budget or crafting abilities, and we totally get that.

Using Martha Stewart Craft Decoupage, you can craft your halloween costume without using a sewing machine or resorting to some MacGyver-style solution. While we will always encourage you to go above and beyond, we understand when that's just not an option. I crafted a few costumes you can make in a short amount of time using two or three tools each.

The Picnic Blanket:

finalantMartha Stewart Crafts Fabric-to-Fabric Decoupage Matte Finish

This costume was super easy to make. First, I took a scrap of black linen and painted it with Martha Stewart Matte Decoupage, this is to protect the fabric from fraying when I cut it later. (this is a good tip to stick in your back pocket) After the fabric dried, I traced an ant by putting chalk on my finger and smearing it over the edges of the cutout. With a lighter fabric, tracing could've been done using a pencil but the dark fabric is tricky.


I cut out the ants and fiddled around with the placement of them on the shirt. To secure them, paint the back of your shape and the front of the surface its destined for, stick them together and apply one more coat on top of both layers. this top layer seals it in, making it waterproof and peel proof.

finalwcookieMartha Stewart Crafts Fabric-to-Fabric Decoupage Matte Finish

Chocolate Chip Cookie:

Of course, there is no picnic without chocolate chip cookies! For this costume I used a baby bodysuit and some spare fabric.

cookieMartha Stewart Crafts Fabric-to-Fabric Decoupage Matte Finish

With a paintbrush, I decoupaged an entire scrap of light brown cotton and a scrap of dark brown cotton. After letting them dry, I cut "chip" shapes out of the dark brown and decoupaged them onto the light brown. I cut the cookie shape out after it dried. Now, you conveniently have a cookie and a white baby bodysuit. Paint Martha Stewart Fabric-to-Fabric Decoupage onto the back of the cookie and the front of the baby shirt, place the cookie and apply one more layer of decoupage over the entire thing. The important thing to know is I'm not covering the entire bodysuit in decoupage, that would be weird. I created a gluey halo around the cookie by painting just beyond the edges.

We would LOVE to see your creativity come to life, send us pictures of your crafted Halloween costumes!


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