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Make It : Halloween Balloon Crafts

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On page 100 of our October issue, we show an easy technique for decoupaging balloons to create big bright Halloween decorations. Using decoupage finish and thin black construction paper, along with a few party store staples such as crepe paper steamers and tissue paper garlands, you can turn balloons into jack-o-lanterns, skeletons, moons, bats and vampires.
Decoupage finish acts as a glue and a sealant. I used a piece of wax paper taped to my table as a painting surface. Coat both sides of cut construction paper shapes (such as  jack-o-lantern facial features), smooth onto the balloon and coat with some more sealant. Thinner construction paper works best for conforming to the shape of the balloon. I found lightweight black construction paper here. Click here for more instructions and watch the video below to see how to use twine to make the balloon into a segmented, bulbous, and lifelike pumpkin.

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These giant 36" round balloons look like a full moon. You find the instructions here and templates here.


Click here to get the clip art to make this bat and vampire goody bag toppers. Use Glue Dots to attach the bat head and wings to the balloon and attach the balloon to the folded top of a paper bag.

D110354-balloon-skeletons-061The arms and legs of these skeletons are made with cut sections of tissue paper garlands. The two on the left use this garland and the one on the right is made from this garland. The torso is made of a short length of the garland. Click here for the clip art for the facial features and hands and feet.

Stay tuned for another post about a clever craft by an editor here who used this decoupaged balloon technique to make decorations for her daughter's birthday party.

Happy Halloween!

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