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Make It : Birch Coasters

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For the first time in history my aunt, not my mother, will be hosting Thanksgiving so I needed to think of a hostess gift. Not only are these coasters great for any autumn-time party, but they are the perfect way to show my aunt Claire our appreciation on Thanksgiving Day. It's a good thing they're so easy to make because Turkey Day is coming right up!

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For these coasters, I used the acorn, oak, and ash leaf shapes from the Martha Stewart Crafts 'Leaves' Stencil. The paint colors here are Martha Stewart's Satin Deep Sea and Metallic Yellow Gold. These birch rounds from Michael's are 3.5" across (small)

* these are two of over 100 paint colors and textures so get creative, you can use different colors and stencil shapes for every holiday!


Start by sanding the birch rounds so the surface is smooth to paint, you can use a heavier grit and finish with a smoother sandpaper*. You only need to sand the side you're going to paint, although you're more than welcome to paint both sides for more options!

* I used a sanding sponge.


After sanding the pieces, dust them off - tap them, rub them with a dry cloth, blow on them - just make sure they're not dusty, this will make your paint sad.

Okay, you're ready to paint! Grab your Martha Stewart Craft Paint Brush and start painting in the center and carefully bring the paint towards the edge of the bark, leaving just the rim unpainted. I used the #16 Flat brush. If you want to fool-proof it, you can tape the edges but free-handing  is actually quite easy, I promise!


Let your paint dry for about 20 minutes, do a few jumping jacks, play with your cat. When you come back, choose which stencil you're going to work with and play around with the placement. For mine, I chose the acorn, which is small so I decided to make a pattern out of it. stencilling

The stenciling is much easier with a pouncer, but make sure you do two coats, its reduces the appearance of bubbles.

These coasters are a great gift for your holiday hostess!


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