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Make It : Birthday Balloon Craft!

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photo[2]Today's post is from our Editor-at-Large, Rory Evans. She came up with a super clever use for our decoupaged balloon technique!!

From Rory:

If you're planning a preschooler's birthday party, there's perhaps no better place to work than Martha Stewart Living. I was reminded of this in August, when my daughter was turning 4 just as I was editing the October issue and working on the "Get Blown Away" story about making Halloween decorations with balloons and decoupage and paper garlands. While my genius colleague Jodi Levine used these supplies to make skeletons, I realized I could use the same technique to make a Mike Wazowski, my daughter's favorite guy from Monsters, Inc. I used an oversized green balloon for his body, three layers of decoupaged construction paper for his eyeball, garland for his arms and legs, and cut paper for his horns, hands, and feet (I used a Sharpie to draw his mouth). The hardest thing about making him? Fitting his impressive girth through the door of her daycare, where it hung for her party.

photo[3](For the festivities themselves, I hired an amazingly talented balloon artist, Robert Moy, of the Brooklyn Balloon Company, who kept with the theme by making my daughter another, smaller Mike.)


Thanks Rory!

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