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Celebrate : Hanukkah Crafts!

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menorah-076-md110635_horizHanukkah begins tomorrow, November 27th, at sundown. In Good Things in our December issue we have an easy Hanukkah gift wrapping idea, an envelope full of of small numbered envelopes. I used tape to make a menorah on a top-open envelope. (The candles are made from striped washi tape and the flames from yellow masking tape.) I stamped  gift card envelopes 1 through 8 (one for each night). Fill the little envelopes with stickers, gift cards, a pair of earrings or another small gift.

la103003_1207_dreidelcards_hdOn our website we have lots of Hanukkah gift wrapping ideas, like these glittered dreidel gift-card holders.

And we have more Hanukkah crafts and recipes:
DIY menorahs and candles
Kids' Hanukkah crafts
Hanukkah clip-art crafts
Hanukkah recipes

Happy Hanukkah!

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