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Make It : Holiday Craft with the new Deluxe Scoring Board

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The Martha Stewart Crafts team has been developing some really great new tools and they will be available just in time for holiday crafting.    Next Thursday, November 14th, I will appear on HSN to debut some of these great new Martha Stewart Crafts products! One of the tools that I am most excited about is the Deluxe Scoring Board with Paper Trimmer.  It is going to make paper crafting so much easier and faster because it allows you to cut and score with a single tool.    Even better, it comes with templates that make projects like boxes and envelopes really quick and easy.  I have been getting a head start on my holiday crafting and thought I would share one of my projects.

The gift box tree is made with our Frosty Elegance 12 x 12 Paper Pad and the Deluxe Score Board and Paper Trimmer

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Other materials you will need: hot glue gun, scissors, Frosty Elegance Pearl Snowflake Embellishments, and Frosty Elegance Glittered Icon Stickers. 03

Using the Deluxe Scoring Board with Paper Trimmer, score a piece of 12x12 paper every ½ inch.


Turn the paper over and score every ½ inch, between the existing scores.


Turn the paper 90 degrees and make 3 cuts – at 4”, at 7”, and at 9”.


Cut the 7” strip to 10” long and  the 2” wide strip to 8” long.


Accordion-fold the 4” wide piece.


Glue the ends together so it makes a crimped tube.


Gather the pleats at one end and secure with hot glue. Hold firmly until the glue sets.

Do the same with the 3” and 2” wide strips.


Add hot glue to the top of the 4” tall cone. Place the 3” cone on top, lining up the back seams.


Add more hot glue and add the 2” cone.


Glue 2 Frosty Elegance Pearl Snowflakes back-to-back and glue on top of the tree.


Using the template guide for a 3” x 3” x 2” box, cut and fold another piece of paper to make the base of the tree.




Cut and glue the flaps as indicated on the template, and make a lid to the box, following the instructions included with the Deluxe Scoring Board.




Glue the tree to the top of the box and embellish.




This will make a great placecard favor at a holiday dinner when filled with candies or a gift, or a pretty mantel decoration. A forest of them in different sizes would be lovely!

Watch me on HSN November 14th at 4am, 5pm and 8pm!

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