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Make It : recycled magazine postcards

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Throwing away pieces of yarn, fabric, wrapping paper and magazines is always difficult for me. You never know where you might use them, no ?! However, after months of magazines piled up, I figured I'd have to do something.


I started by tearing out the beautiful pages, which already made the pile smaller. And, after staring at them for a bit, I came up with an idea: I found these self adhesive postcards, and figured I could use them with the pages. Abstracted, so you would no longer recognize the image, but still enjoyed the colors and shapes. It was so easy, and now I have stacks of pretty postcards that, packed in a small box along with my favorite pen in good colors, makes for a sweet small gift. (plus, this pile is so much easier to store !)


Cut yourself a little 'window template' out of cardboard, so you can place it on the page to 'design' your post card. Mark it with pencil and cut it out.


The adhesive part of the post card peels off in 2 parts. Peel the first part off and place your picture on, smoothing it out. Then peel off the second part, again smoothing it until the picture is adhered. If there is excess paper on either side, simply cut it off.


Repeat with every other page you like. Now you just need to decide which ones you'll give away, and which ones you'll use yourself.



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  • I love it! I have been collecting postcards for over 20 years, and they seem to be getting harder to find. My sister and I send each other a postcard a week, so I am constantly in need of replenishing my stash. This will be just perfect. I love the idea of wrapping up a set with a favorite pen for a gift.

  • What a wonderful idea! I have tons of old mags.I like to tear things out of, including pretty pictures'. Thank you!

  • Fanstastic idea I am a crafty gal ,and will try this postcard craft,how about cutting out shapes hearts for,sweet gestures to a loved one with clitter pen ,and collage the pices onto a pretty jar with Heart candies /and glittered lid with a bow as a gift to friends ,teachers,neighbor,etc Idea#2 is to cover an old book and glue on pretty abstract cut out pieces from magazines to cover front/back add a friendship poem to front of book and brush with podgegloss to preserve and give as a gift or add a nice thought verse for the is endless the things that you can do thanks for the idea ,my mind is running wild with this craft ,great for kids on a rainy day inside to do as well .

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