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Make It : Thanksgiving Crafts

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Thanksgiving, while late this year, snuck up on me nonetheless! I If you are feeling the same way, check Good Things in our November issue where we have a few crafts for your holiday table that can easily be made before next week.

The Mayflower-sail straws and Pilgrim hat cups pictured above will liven up the kid's table. They are easy to make using these templates.

D110457_Napkins-0233Making Silke's dishtowel napkins are, in her words, "as easy as running a load of laundry"!  She dyed these inexpensive white cotton dish towels from IKEA in a beautiful range of colors using Jacquard iDye. Make some to add color to your table or for a handmade hostess gift.

260px-Better_Show_logoI demoed the straws, cups and a few other easy Thanksgiving crafts on Better TV. Click here to watch!

Happy Thanksgiving!

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  • ha! the cup ideas are really fun :)

  • very good

  • Hi, what kind if dye did she use for the towels? And can anyone recommend a dye to use for cotton pants? I have hot pink pants I'd like to dye a dark green.

  • Crafter Comment:

    She used iDye. There is a link in the text.

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