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Inspiration Board : Designs and Patterns from Muhu Island

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Just the cover of this book is reason enough to want to own it (my photo doesn't really do it justice). But inside you'll find more wild, bright color combinations; amazingly intricate knit, embroidered and crochet textiles; and a very interesting introduction into the folk art and traditions of the small island of Muhu. It is a great book for anyone interested in ethnography, folk art, handicraft, colors, patterns ... everyone, really. You can buy the book here. Enjoy !


book2For gloves and socks, you're given patterns to 'study' ... or knit your own !?

book3learn how to embellish a knit piece with a chain stitch

book7embellish a baby cap with embroidery and all sorts of different techniques

book socksthe combination of colors, techniques and materials are incredibly inspiring. I may just put away my grey knitting project away for a while and choose something bright and unexpected. How much happier would our winters be ?!




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