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Celebrate : (photo) advent calendar (book)

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As I mentioned before, every year I collect photos to put into an advent calendar for my mom. But even though I think about it all year,  I always feel in a rush to get it out on time, as the season creeps up too quickly. And I have to be able to send it …

Make It : Moustache Birthday Card

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The moustache craze does not seem to be waning with my niece and nephew.  They still find them hilarious.  I recently came across a large scale posable one and couldn’t resist the opportunity to incorporate it into their birthday cards.  I enlarged a recent photo of each of them and made it black and white.  It …

Celebrate : 'art party'

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Our sweet friend and colleague Laura left MSL to pursue her career in the art world, where she worked before she joined us. As you know we don’t let an opportunity go by to celebrate, so we decided to have a going away party for her.  I had just been to Barneys and seen their …

Make It : Office Party Good Things!

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We’ve written quite a few posts about how we celebrate our birthdays here at the office (here, here, here, and here are just a few of them) In this month’s Good Things we share a few easy ideas for feting your coworker, using mostly office supplies. These file folder birthday cards (top and above) are …

Inspiration Board : Steiff Animals at Jude's Birthday Party

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Have you seen the piece on Martha’s granddaughter’s first birthday party in the October issue of Living? It was a lot of fun to help Marcie and Blake make the party come to life. The tables were filled with toy blocks – used as decorations and place cards, as well as decorative place mats and …

Make It : Easiest Thank You Notes Ever!

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We recently threw a sixth birthday party for my younger son (a science-themed party, which I posted about here on the Living Blog). He was lucky to celebrate with 20 of his dear friends–and get as many wonderful gifts. But, because I like my kids to be involved in the thank-you note writing, I was …

Celebrate : Birthday Picnic in the Park

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Hi everyone! I’m Dani, the Crafts Dept. summer intern. I’m a rising senior at the Rhode Island School of Design and I’m loving spending the summer in NYC and crafting at Martha Stewart Living! One of the biggest things on my personal summer checklist was to have a big picnic in Central Park. Picnics are …

Celebrate : Party in a box addition

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Remember the ‘Party in a box’ I sent for my mom’s 70th birthday back in November … well only just now did she finally have her celebration. Once it got closer to the event, she asked if I had any ideas for place cards she could get in Germany. I told her  I’d think about …