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Make It : Easy Necklaces

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I love bold jewelry and I also love making necklaces out of non-jewelry materials. I’ve used towels, kids lacing beads, pom-poms and more. Using these (big) materials rather than delicate beads or chains gives you a lot of bang for low effort. The ropey necklaces above (except for the polka-dot one) were made from metallic …

Inspiration Board : update white shirts

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A classic, crisp white shirt is a no brainer when trying to figure out what to wear in the morning … it’s pretty much appropriate for all times and situations. But sometimes you may just want that little bit extra, the surprise effect within that proper attire. So I thought of a few ideas with …

Inspiration Board : Thanksgiving Tablesetting

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In our November issue I was one of three editors asked to set a table as they would for Thanksgiving. It was a fun assignment, I brought in dishes, silverware and glasses from home – mixing in some pieces that I collect with some porcelain pieces that I made. They are all shades of white …

Make It : Sticker and Cupcake Paper Flowers...and a Coupon for Jo-Ann Stores!

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When I got married, I made myself a crepe paper flower bouquet. I’m so happy that almost 11 years later I still have it—and it looks quite fresh! This paper bouquet, made from cupcake liners and flower stickers, is fast, easy, and so pretty. It is one of the ideas in our new party crafting …

Behind the Scenes : Bringing Nature to Light

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The March issue of Living is always our annual garden-themed issue, and over the years we’ve developed many different plant- and nature-inspired craft projects to appear in it. This year Silke and I collaborated on the story “Bringing Nature to Light,” which explores a number of techniques that rely on the silhouettes created by the …

Behind the Scenes : Thanksgiving Story in November Issue of Martha Stewart Living

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People ask me all the time  how we come up with new ideas for stories month after month. Well, often one project inspires the next. I had tried to dye pom-poms for my dipping story in our August issue. The pom-poms didn’t take the dye in an even way, which didn’t quite work with the …

Ask the Crafts Dept. : Punched Fabric

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Sheila asks- “Before I rush out and buy several paper punches, I was wondering if you can use them on fabric or felt?” The answer is YES! you can use craft punches on certain fabrics (though we haven’t had much luck with felt, as it is a bit too thick).  The trick to punching fabric …

Inspiration Board : Our New Friend, Lorna Ellis

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The book launch party held in our offices last week was pretty cool for us because we got to meet so many of our readers in person and hear all about thier own interests and projects. As described in earlier posts, I spent quite a while demonstrating a fabric stenciling technique, which gave me time …