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Celebrate : Easter!

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Easter weekend is upon us! You still have a few days to craft before Easter Sunday, so today we’re bringing you a round-up of some of our favorite last-minute Easter ideas. One of my favorites is Jodi’s paper bag Easter basket project from the April issue of Living. Just embellish a lunch bag (they come …

Inspiration Board : back to school (for grown ups)

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Every year I anticipate the kids’ school supply list, remembering my own proud moments of new pencil cases and new books … and yet every year it is a slight disappointment, as the lists are so specific : 36 yellow wood No.2  pencils, 5 two pocket plastic folders in purple, yellow, blue, red and green, …

Make It : advent calendars

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I hope you  got inspired by my Advent Calendar story in the November issue of Martha Stewart Living, and have ordered striped bags for the kids, bought little gifts to fill them with and printed numbers for a loved adult’s photo calendar. I realized this weekend, that I hadn’t done any of the above …. sometimes when …

Make It : Lunchbag Tutorial

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Today we have another post from our ever-crafty web producer Ashley Little: “I bring my lunch to work in a reusable container, stashed in my bag along with my wallet. Why is this a bad idea? Various things leak into my bag – salad dressings, mayonnaise, lemon juice – and wreak havoc on its contents. …

Inspiration Board : Back to School

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For a while now I’ve been seeing fun products in grid or memo pad patterns. Must be that “back to school” is in the air?! How sweet is this T-shirt by E for Effort to wear on the first day back!? I wish my kids weren’t required to use those ugly plastic boxes for their pens, but …