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Inspiration Board : Our new Martha Stewart Crafts Decoupage Line

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I remember when I used to spend hours cutting apart old magazines and gluing them to make paper collage posters, notebooks, and knick knacks for my school locker.  It was such a fun, easy way to personalize my things which is why I’m excited to introduce our new Martha Stewart Crafts Decoupage line!  It is …

On The Web : Valentine's Day Picks

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There are so many lovely Valentine’s Day cards, products and knick-knacks on the web right now. It’s really making me look forward to the 14th, so I thought a round-up was in order! Some hail from our favorite etsy shops and vendors and others are great new finds on the web. I’ve used etsy shop …

Behind the Scenes : Homemade Cake Stands!

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I’ve always been a fan of footed dishes and cake stands and, when setting up for a party, often end up wishing that I had a few more. Many years ago Marcie created a 1950’s-looking footed compote for a tablesetting story by hot-gluing a simple white plate onto an inverted white bowl. I’ve kept her …

Around Town : Exploring the Sanibel Shell Fair: 75th Anniversary!

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All year I receive the same question from avid crafters and collectors; what can I do or make with all of the shells I have collected on my vacation? To answer your question, I would like to share with you some of the photos I took at the 75th year of the Sanibel Shell Fair …

Inspiration Board : Skill Swap

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Have you seen the “Creative Co-op” story in the January Issue of Living? Athena tells the story of two friends Molly Schnick and Justine Delaney who decided to swap skills – Molly taught Justine to sew an apron on a machine and in turn, Justine teaches Molly to make a citrus tart. Do you do …

Inspiration Board : Set Decorating in the 1950s

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You may remember that I worked as a set decorator on a short film project with my best friend, Nicki Manchisi, over the summer. I wanted to share with you some of the set photos from the film. The film is titled Woo Woo, and it is set in 1961 in Astoria, in New York …

Inspiration Board : Craft Sharing, Part 2

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A while ago I told you about trading crafting skills with my friend Nick. I was to knit a vest for him, and he was going to sew a skirt for me. It took forever for me to find a fabric I liked (and I finally got lucky with an iridescent cotton from B&J), then …

Inspiration Board : Short Film Set in 1961 NYC

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My best friend, Nicki, is in the final steps of earning her MFA in film from San Francisco State. The preparation for her thesis film, Woo Woo, has consumed her the past few months, and up until this point Nicki has done all the work herself. She has really impressed me—I know the amount of work that …