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On The Web : Martha Stewart Home Office Line is now at Staples!

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We’re so excited to announce that the new Martha Stewart Home Office Line with Avery is now at Staples! The line includes a variety of incredibly affordable (not to mention pretty!) journals, notebooks, labels, tags, sticky notes, desk accessories and even furniture! If you’re re-doing your craft room or looking to better organize materials and …

Inspiration Board : Carving Tool Holder

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My husband carved this “bird” out of a piece of driftwood we found during a trip to the San Juan Islands. He gave it to me for my birthday, with the disclaimer that it wasn’t quite finished yet. But I love how “not done” it looks, how it just embraces what nature has already carved …

Behind the Scenes : Origaminizing

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While I appreciate the art of it, I’ve never been able to get THAT into origami. Maybe it’s that i just have too many craft hobbies already (geez), or that once I’ve made an origami thingie, I don’t know what to do with it. But one particular paper creation that I love, and have found …

Inspiration Board : Organized in the New Year

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It’s 2010 and new years resolution season!  The holiday season gets so busy around here that our craft room grew pretty far from tidy over December.  It’s back in order now, and we’ve resolved to keep it that way.  I imagine we’re probably in good company, and you could use some tips to stay tidy …