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Make It : recycled magazine postcards

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  Throwing away pieces of yarn, fabric, wrapping paper and magazines is always difficult for me. You never know where you might use them, no ?! However, after months of magazines piled up, I figured I’d have to do something. I started by tearing out the beautiful pages, which already made the pile smaller. And, after …

Celebrate : Graduation

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Graduation season is upon us! Whether the student in your life is moving up in the world from middle school, high school, college (or in my case, graduate school: my sister graduates on Monday!), we’ve got what you need to help celebrate. If you are throwing a party, a great project is this easy neon …

Inspiration Board : Spring Cleaning

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Spring is here! We’re welcoming warming weather with open arms here in New York City. We’re also taking this time to do some much needed spring cleaning. Here in the Crafts Department, we’re purging our workspace and craft room by making bins for items that can be thrown away, donated or recycled. If you’re inspired …

Inspiration Board : Thanksgiving

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We’re just one day away from Thanksgiving! How are you spending the holiday this year? We hope it’s filled with delicious food, wonderful company, and some element (large or small!) of craft. Whether you need help entertaining the kids or coming up with a last-minute, no-frills table decoration, we’ve got you covered: This Turkey Trivia …

Celebrate : Christmas in July!

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Have you heard of “Christmas in July”? Well, aside from the 1940 movie Christmas In July, and the fact that we actually do work on our holiday stories in the summer months here in the Crafts Department, we weren’t quite sure exactly what it meant. Now we do! In the Southern Hemisphere, winter weather falls …

Around Town : Party Monsters!

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This past Sunday, I got together all of my Professor Figgy gear and teamed up with The Martha Stewart Show’s resident cookie expert, Dani Fiori of SweetDaniB, to help throw a monster-themed birthday party in Upper Saddle River, New Jersey. Dani delivered spectacularly as usual with an adorable cookie, as well as two fun and …

Our Sources : For Spring

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I think we can all agree that Spring is one of the best times of year to throw a party! With Graduations, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and warm-weather weekends approaching, there are lots of reasons to celebrate. We’ve got you covered with a roundup of our favorite party supply vendors. We love supporting these hardworking …

Celebrate : Baby Shower in a Box

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In the event that you can’t make it to a dear friend or relative’s baby shower, a “shower in a box” is a great way to show your love. Check out Our Finds in the May issue of Martha Stewart Living for some themed showers with ideas for gifts, décor and treats. The themes: jungle/zoo, …