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Make It : Halloween Balloon Crafts

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On page 100 of our October issue, we show an easy technique for decoupaging balloons to create big bright Halloween decorations. Using decoupage finish and thin black construction paper, along with a few party store staples such as crepe paper steamers and tissue paper garlands, you can turn balloons into jack-o-lanterns, skeletons, moons, bats and …

Make It : Camp-Inspired Placemats and Coasters Tutorial

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Are you ready for summer?  I can hardly wait for the scorching sunshine, backyard barbeques, and icy cold drinks dripping with condensation.  In anticipation of the outdoor entertaining season, I made some placemats and coasters by taking a cue from Blake’s great Camp-Inspired Leather Crafts. Materials you will need:  cork placemats and coasters, nylon twine (look …

Open Studio : Knot & Bow + For the Makers

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I was delighted to hear that two wonderful craft establishments are teaming up this weekend. Too-cute shop Knot & Bow (a great source for elevated paper bags, office labels and twine) recently relocated to a new studio in Brooklyn, NY where they will begin to hold small craft parties lead by local makers. This Saturday …

Make It : Easy Necklaces

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I love bold jewelry and I also love making necklaces out of non-jewelry materials. I’ve used towels, kids lacing beads, pom-poms and more. Using these (big) materials rather than delicate beads or chains gives you a lot of bang for low effort. The ropey necklaces above (except for the polka-dot one) were made from metallic …

Make It : Office Party Good Things!

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We’ve written quite a few posts about how we celebrate our birthdays here at the office (here, here, here, and here are just a few of them) In this month’s Good Things we share a few easy ideas for feting your coworker, using mostly office supplies. These file folder birthday cards (top and above) are …

Inspiration Board : hostess ('kids) gift

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    I just put together this basket with all supplies needed to make several cornhusk dolls. I will bring it to my friends’ house for her kids (and me !) to spend many hours crafting with. But it would make a wonderful present to bring to a Thanksgiving gathering. After all what’s a better …

Make It : Paper Kites

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We love this easy paper kite project from the November issue of Living (page 113 in the magazine). If you’re hosting a party or an end of fall picnic, swap out balloons or streamers for these breezy kites. They make for really sophisticated hanging paper decorations and have a big impact when you hang several …

Inspiration Board : American Made Re-cap

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We’ve now had time to step back and properly reflect on American Made. It was a whirlwind two days packed with really enlightening workshops and useful information for passionate crafters, cooks, gardners and entreupenuers. Overall, an incredible success and a wonderful turnout! Thank you to those who made the trip to Grand Central – we …