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Blake Ramsey

Blake Ramsey

Name: Blake Ramsey
Job Title: Assistant Editor
Date started at company: June 2006, as an Intern for the Holiday Department
First story: I assisted Marcie on ‘Tis the Season, December 2006
Hometown: Chappaqua, NY
School & Degree: BFA, Guilford College
First Job: Interning in Children’s Publishing at Reader’s Digest. I mocked up board books and Barbie products a few days a week after school
Astrological Sign: Libra
Personal Crafting/Artwork: Corinne and I have been crafting flowery fascinators together. We have a website- I also really enjoy making little collaged postcards to send to my friends. It’s a nice surprise to receive mini-art in the mail- complete with a personal note and pretty stamp
First Craft Memory: The most basic kind of Printmaking: When I was 4 or 5, I loved to make stacks of black and white photocopies of my drawings or the pages of my books
Things I Collect: When I was young I collected pigs- dozens of them. Now I collect craft supplies- mostly scraps and strange found objects that I hope to one day have a brilliant use for

Color (pantone #): Pantone # 331C
Holiday: Halloween
Pizza Topping: Broccoli
Kind of Fabric: Sequined
Dessert: Key Lime Pie
Source: Tinsel Trading
Font: Andale Mono
Martha Stewart Craft Project: “Bottle Beauty” May 2006 Enamel Painted Bottles Silk Flowers

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It’s Father’s Day on Sunday, and maybe you’ve procrastinated in the gift department… now what?  With this Father’s Day clip art, you just need to press print to add a handmade touch to store-bought favorites.  The labels for Jordan Ferney’s box of “Hero Supplies” can be applied to dad’s favorite treats- Socks are a great …

Make It : Father's Day Gifts

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Still stuck for Father’s Day gift ideas?  How about some embellished desk accessories? Or a monogrammed tie? These map coasters can be personalized to your dad’s favorite vacation spot- If you simply want some extra special wrapping for your store-bought gift, a bow tie gift topper is a fun surprise- Or for the debonair dad, …

On The Web : Father's Day Gifts from Pinhole Press

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It’s no secret how much we love the company Pinhole Press! Their products are so pretty and simple to make. The best part is that you’re really able to take the reins and design your own, personalized gifts using favorite photos of your friends and family. We’ve rounded up our favorite products from Pinhole Press …

Make It : Recycled Envelopes

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My dear friend just moved across the country and has been trying to revive snail mail.  She’s also very eco-concious, so I thought what gift could be more appropriate than a recycled stationery set??  I too am a bit of a waste-a-phobe, so I happen to have a big supply of scrap paper from the …

Make It : Office Birthday Message

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Surprise your office mate with this easy Post-It Note birthday banner! The letters are easy to cut in uniform size when you start with the little square notes.  Leave the sticky part at the top of your letter, and trim away.  Can you think of something fun to do with these scraps?  Birthday confetti? If …

Inspiration Board : Funny Food

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How would you like to wake up to these guys tomorrow morning? Photos by Bill Wurtzel Or read the morning paper with this lady? This little fella looks delicious, nutritious, and well-dressed. Bill Wurtzel offers 365 fun and healthy ways to craft your breakfast in his new book Funny Food.  Each work of food art …

Celebrate : Graduation Celebrations

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It’s graduation season again!  If asking your grads to “say cheese” for the fiftieth time incites eye rolling, try some fun and festive backdrops that will make them eager to strike a pose.  With these balloons, you’ll never forget what year you graduated- Photo courtesy of Mint Love Social Club Our Labor of Love’s Smilebooth …


Celebrate : Graduation

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Need some fresh ideas for an upcoming graduation celebration?  Look no further than the Easy Entertaining section of the June’s Living- this neon and neutral palette will impress graduates of any age. The look is a mix of very special handmade elements, (such as a beautiful tassel garland from our friends at Confetti System, and a …