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Blake Ramsey

Blake Ramsey

Name: Blake Ramsey
Job Title: Assistant Editor
Date started at company: June 2006, as an Intern for the Holiday Department
First story: I assisted Marcie on ‘Tis the Season, December 2006
Hometown: Chappaqua, NY
School & Degree: BFA, Guilford College
First Job: Interning in Children’s Publishing at Reader’s Digest. I mocked up board books and Barbie products a few days a week after school
Astrological Sign: Libra
Personal Crafting/Artwork: Corinne and I have been crafting flowery fascinators together. We have a website- I also really enjoy making little collaged postcards to send to my friends. It’s a nice surprise to receive mini-art in the mail- complete with a personal note and pretty stamp
First Craft Memory: The most basic kind of Printmaking: When I was 4 or 5, I loved to make stacks of black and white photocopies of my drawings or the pages of my books
Things I Collect: When I was young I collected pigs- dozens of them. Now I collect craft supplies- mostly scraps and strange found objects that I hope to one day have a brilliant use for

Color (pantone #): Pantone # 331C
Holiday: Halloween
Pizza Topping: Broccoli
Kind of Fabric: Sequined
Dessert: Key Lime Pie
Source: Tinsel Trading
Font: Andale Mono
Martha Stewart Craft Project: “Bottle Beauty” May 2006 Enamel Painted Bottles Silk Flowers

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On The Web : Organizing for the New Year

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One of my resolutions for 2012 is the same as years past- get organized!  If you’re looking for the same result, we’ve got plenty of helpful hints for you in our organizing galleries. Here are two ideas from the galleries that I plan to start with today- The binder sewing kit, and the post-it calendar…

Happy New Year Card

Make It : Happy New Year Card

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If you’re anything like me, you may or may not have left your holiday cards to the very last minute.  So last minute in fact, that you may not have sent them yet.  Have no fear- everyone loves a Happy New Year card!  This card is in the January issue of Living (you can find …

December Good Things

Inspiration Board : December Good Things

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Christmas is almost here!  We’ve pulled a couple ideas from Living’s December Good Things  that are quick and easy, but sure to be noticed this holiday. Find the how-to and template for the brownie bow on the web…

Our Handmade Holiday Crafts Book

Make It : Our Handmade Holiday Crafts Book

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Have you seen our new Handmade Holiday Craft book?  It’s a great reference for gifts, decorations, and entertaining crafts for every holiday.  If you’re in need of a gift for a crafty friend or family member- this may be it! This past weekend I had so much fun making these candy canes from the book- …

Make It : Handmade Ornaments

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We’ve had a couple inquiries about the exact method for making these handmade ornaments from the December issue of Living- So we thought it might be helpful to post this how-to video that we made for the iPad- Let us know if you have any questions. Have a great weekend- let us know what kind …

Handmade Gifts

Make It : Handmade Gifts

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TWO IMPORTANT THINGS TO DO TODAY- 1.  Eat a turkey/stuffing/cranberry sauce sandwich 2.  Start planning your handmade holiday gifts!   In the December issue of Living, the Crafts department has shared the handmade gifts we will be giving this year. I broke out the ornaments again for this cover-try shoot- It didn’t make the magazine …

Stars in the December Issue

Behind the Scenes : Stars in the December Issue

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Thanksgiving is just next week, and for me that signifies the beginning of the Holiday season- yippee!!  Ok, let’s be honest, I started getting excited for Christmas right after Halloween.  But to be exact, at Living, we’ve been scheming about this Christmas since November 2010.  That’s when we started brainstorming many of the ideas that …

Make It : Cross-Stitch Families

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Today’s guest post comes from Rory Evans, a freelance writer for Martha Stewart Living. As the writer assigned to many of the Living Crafts stories, I’m lucky enough to get an advance preview on all the cool projects that crafters dream up.  Recently, I was so inspired by the Generations X story about family portrait …