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Corinne Gill

Corinne Gill

Name: Corinne Gill
Job Title: Associate Editor
Date started at company: November, 2005
First story: The first story I helped with was Good Things, June 2005. I went shopping for bow ties for a Father’s Day gift wrapping idea
Hometown: Minneapolis, MN
Education: Smith College, B.A. in Art History
First Job: The Sanrio store at the Mall of America
Astrological sign: Taurus
Personal crafting/artwork: I knit a lot – though I can rarely finish a project. I have about 5 half-knit items in my to-do pile, including two baby sweaters (for kids who have since outgrown them) and the body and legs of an almost-finished stuffed octopus. Blake and I also have a website,, where we sell our jewelry and accessories.
First craft memory: I was a little obsessed with my mom’s old Spiegel catalogues and used to cut them up to make paper dolls and imaginary houses to fill with mail order furniture
Things you collect: Officially: snow globes & vintage office supplies. Unofficially: everything else. I’m a bit of a hoarder

Color (Pantone): Pantone# 120C
Holiday: Birthdays. There is some debate whether birthdays are considered holidays, but as the department’s birthday party coordinator and all around birthday lover, I’d like to think that they do
Pizza topping: Fresh tomato and basil
Kind of Fabric: I love fabrics that don’t fray and that you can work with like paper
Dessert: Vanilla ice cream with mango & honey
Source: New York Central Art Supply - I’m especially fond of their paper department and vast selection of gilding supplies – including 20 different colors of silver foil sold by the book.
Font: (Almost) anything by Eric Gill
Martha Stewart Project: Winter Village Butterflies Gold Foil Nesting Dolls

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