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A Craft-Inspired Baby Shower

Make It : A Craft-Inspired Baby Shower

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This is Stephanie Roberts, the executive assistant to Charles Koppelman, our Chairman and Principal Executive Officer. I am always surrounded by the creativity that abounds MSO, so I jump at any chance to apply what I have learned. When my close friend Melissa announced she was expecting her first child, I wanted the baby shower …

Martha's Birthday

Celebrate : Martha's Birthday

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Hi, it’s Tracy, the crafts intern. Tuesday was Martha’s birthday, so Carrie, our international editorial intern, organized a thoughtful gift for Martha from all the summer interns. Everyone was given a card to write and decorate in any way they liked. All the cards were then compiled into a box we constructed using chipboard, ribbon, …

Shopping for Supplies

Our Sources : Shopping for Supplies

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Hi. I’m Renée, the crafts intern, and a few weeks ago I visited some really great places in the city to pick up a few things for the Crafts Dept.  The first place was the flower market on 28th Street,  between 6th and 7th Avenues, in Chelsea. It’s a street lined with florists and floral supplies. …

Craft Challenge Reveal

Make It : Craft Challenge Reveal

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Results are in from the craft challenge, and the winning material is…..mismatched socks! We decided to reconstruct mismatched socks into something you could wear, but in a totally different way…as sock bangles! Here’s how to make it: It’s easy to make and anyone can transform their lonely sock into a fun sock bangle! Extra Craft …

Paper Gift Topper

Make It : Paper Gift Topper

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This is Tracy, one of the new summer interns in the Crafts department.  Last week, I wanted to wish my dad a happy birthday in a very special way, so I swapped traditional ribbons and bows for something I could make myself. I created a pop-up message ribbon made of strips of paper. I hope …

Choosing the Right Sewing Machine

Our Sources : Choosing the Right Sewing Machine

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Today’s post is written by Ashley Little, a web producer for When I began working at as a web producer, I was an avid knitter and never devoted much time to sewing.  After taking a few Martha Stewart employee sewing classes, I was hooked. One pillow, two aprons, and three tote bags later, …

Dyeing Beads at Home

Make It : Dyeing Beads at Home

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I’m Amy Conway, editor-at-large for Martha Stewart Living Magazine.  The Crafts Dept. asked me to share this bead dyeing project with you… On any given day, you’ll find one or two MSLO staffers wearing long strands of wooden beads in muted shades of blues and greens. Silke came up with the idea for these boho-chic …

Photo Tacks

Make It : Photo Tacks

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I’m Cary, an Assistant Managing Editor at Martha Stewart Living. The Crafts Dept asked me to share my most recent craft project. Hope you enjoy it! I knew that these pushpins, from a story in the January 2008 issue, were a perfect way to display pictures of some of my favorite people. But without a …