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Hosanna Houser

Hosanna Houser

Name: Hosanna Houser
Job Title: Lead Crafter, TV
Date started at company: Freelance December 1999
First story you worked on: Ribbon poinsettias for the Christmas Book Volume 4
Hometown: San Francisco
Education: Sarah Lawrence College, BA photography
First Job: Restoring antique photos pre-Photoshop
Astrological sign: Aquarius
Personal crafting/artwork: Jewelry design
Things you collect: Scissors, color swatch cards, rocks and stones, vintage craft items, the letter “h”

Color: Pantone 3165
Holiday: Christmas
Kind of Fabric: Wool felts
Source: Thrift stores and flea markets, my grandmother’s house

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Stylists Get Crafty

TV Crafts : Stylists Get Crafty

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Today’s post is written by set stylist Dani Fiore from The Martha Stewart Show: Some shows develop then change – develop some more and change and change again. It’s the nature of live TV! Our Google Cook-off show turned out to be one of those shows. Hosanna and the crafters were swamped so Kait, Kelli …

TV Crafts : Inspired by: Scissors!

Posted by

In honor of the new Martha craft book, and well, crafting in general, I share my favorite tool…scissors! The large tailor’s shears above were the first pair I ever became obsessed with.  They belonged to my father and I recall as a kid loving them and needing to use both hands when he occasionally let …

TV Crafts : Cats & Crafts

Posted by

I think anyone who has a cat is familiar with the scenario of getting set up to craft, or already totally immersed in crafting, to suddenly find a feline friend who is extremely interested in what is happening. Equally amusing and frustrating I present my two non-helper helpers. It never ceases to amaze me that …

Incarnations of the TV Craft Area

Behind the Scenes : Incarnations of the TV Craft Area

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Today’s post is written by Anduin Havens, Art Director for The Martha Stewart Show. More than any other area on the set of The Martha Stewart Show, the Craft Area changes with the seasons and holidays. We started Season 5 with light summery colors but moved quickly to the warmer, more autumnal palette of Halloween. …

Felt So Loved - Heart Scarf

Make It : Felt So Loved - Heart Scarf

Posted by

Recently I have had some request to teach people how to needle felt. Instead of just showing a demo, I thought a project with an end result would be a nice approach to this lesson. I also wanted it to be approachable and safe, so the worry of poking  fingers with sharp barbs would be …

TV Crafts : Yarning for Warmth

Posted by

Although I am not a knitter (and currently not even an infrequent crocheter), I am a huge lover of yarn. With the frigid temps we have been experiencing in NYC, I have noticed that many things yarn related have been popping up around me. First, some of the yarn I sent off to my grandmother …

At Home Crafting for the Martha Craft Fair

Behind the Scenes : At Home Crafting for the Martha Craft Fair

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The holidays are upon us! With everyone around here keeping up with their daily job, we are also getting ready for the Martha Stewart Craft Fair this weekend. Since the Craft Fair will be open to the public this year, many of us are still working when we get home. It is truly a busy …

Tinsel Trading Company

Our Sources : Tinsel Trading Company

Posted by

The first time I ever entered Tinsel Trading Company, it was a random day when I walked by the window. Then, on a block full of ribbon stores, it was the only window that drew me in. I am not sure what year that was, but it was before I started working for Martha. When …