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Hosanna Houser

Hosanna Houser

Name: Hosanna Houser
Job Title: Lead Crafter, TV
Date started at company: Freelance December 1999
First story you worked on: Ribbon poinsettias for the Christmas Book Volume 4
Hometown: San Francisco
Education: Sarah Lawrence College, BA photography
First Job: Restoring antique photos pre-Photoshop
Astrological sign: Aquarius
Personal crafting/artwork: Jewelry design
Things you collect: Scissors, color swatch cards, rocks and stones, vintage craft items, the letter “h”

Color: Pantone 3165
Holiday: Christmas
Kind of Fabric: Wool felts
Source: Thrift stores and flea markets, my grandmother’s house

Editor's Archive

TV Halloween

Behind the Scenes : TV Halloween

Posted by

I know that Halloween just past, but I wanted to share photos from behind the scenes of our Big Show, the theme being Monsters. Our Art Director, Anduin Havens started us off with sketches for the different areas of the set. From there it was a full blow effort from everyone to turn the ideas …

TV Crafts : Nature's Bounty

Posted by

This is the time of year when I am lagging behind while hiking or even strolling through the park because I am staring at the color of the trees or looking at the ground and collecting.  I like to squirrel a little of it away so I can use it for crafts in the future, …

TV Crafts : And the Emmy goes to...

Posted by

I am so proud to announce that the very talented team I work with at TV was awarded an Emmy on Saturday evening for: OUTSTANDING ACHIEVEMENT IN ART DIRECTION / SET DECORATION / SCENIC DESIGN on THE MARTHA STEWART SHOW. Bear with me for  a sec while I list the team: ANDUIN HAVENS ROBERT DIAMOND …

TV Crafts : We're Back!

Posted by

Yesterday marked the return of the TV Art Department from the summer hiatus, and while some time in the morning was spent with everyone catching up and getting settled, we all quickly fell back into work mode. I returned to two new sewing machines waiting for me at my desk. New machines are always fun …

Make It : rock on

Posted by

I love rocks. I love rocks in all kinds and in all forms. Give me the weathered beach pebble, the jagged outcropping, the polished gemstone or the raw crystal; I never get enough of looking at them or collecting them. Last summer when I was visiting Moonlight Gemstones in Marfa, TX, my head almost popped …

The Tale of Ted

TV Crafts : The Tale of Ted

Posted by

Ted is the beloved bear of set stylist and cookie decorator extraordinaire Daniele Boglivi Fiori. She has had him for many years and of course is very attached to him. Then one day Dani and her husband added a new member to their family, a sweet dog, most of the time, by the name of …

Open Studio : Organized at TV (and at home)

Posted by

Today’s TV Tuesday blog post written by Hosanna, Lead Crafter at Television and slightly OCD. Ok, so I hear it a lot. “Who is the obsessive person who put these up?” And I have to admit I did it. Sure, it seems above and beyond being organized, but with so many people in and out …

Make It : TV Headband Party

Posted by

Today’s TV Tuesday blog post written by Hosanna, Lead Crafter at Television: One thing I love about living in NYC is watching how trends start and build by looking at people on the subway. Back in the fall I started to notice girls wearing simple feather headbands. “Easy craft, anyone can do it!” I thought …