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Kirsten Earl

Kirsten Earl

Name: Kirsten Earl
Job Title: Crafter
Date started at company: July, 2005
First TV segment you worked on: Catnip rats
Hometown: Medford, NJ
Education: Dartmouth College; B.S. in Physics
First Job: Software developer
Astrological sign: Sagittarius
Personal crafting/artwork: Quilling and quilting are my favorites.
Things you collect: Turtle figurines, coins, quilt fabric, pets

Color: Tie between orange and leaf green: PANTONE 1375C and 390C
Holiday: Halloween
Kind of Fabric: High-quality, beautifully printed quilting cotton
Dessert: Berries and cream
Source: Ikea – I am convinced I can make something awesome out of anything from Ikea.

Editor's Archive

A Love Letter to My Mom's Quilts

Inspiration Board : A Love Letter to My Mom's Quilts

Posted by

Daryle Earl (a.k.a. My Mom) has been quilting for 35 years – her first quilt being a baby quilt for me.  I remember my mom hand-piecing quilt blocks on the beach in the summers while she watched me frolic in the ocean, and the giant quilt hoop in her lap (usually with a cat underneath …

Make It : Children's Bird Wings with Lynn Russell

Posted by

I’d like to introduce my long-time “internet friend” Lynn Russell, the very talented artist and letterpress printer at Satsuma Press. We met on Etsy years ago – Lynn discovered we were mutual “favorites” and reached out to me, and she has been a cherished pen pal ever since. A bit about Lynn: She works and …

Ahoy! Nautical 1st Birthday!

Celebrate : Ahoy! Nautical 1st Birthday!

Posted by

Speaking of parties, this past weekend was my son’s FIRST birthday party! Since he’s a Pisces, I went with a fishing/nautical theme (it seems I’m not going to get over this theme anytime soon, but yes, he will be allowed to pick his own theme once he can talk). And since it was his very …

Safari Animal Hooks

Make It : Safari Animal Hooks

Posted by

Friday’s Martha Stewart Show was our annual “Baby Shower Show,” featuring our favorite baby finds, a recipe for a “reveal cake” and, of course, a craft: these nursery hooks, which turn animal rumps and tails into a convenient organizational tool: Audience member Lizzy McGlynn did a fantastic job making these with Martha. Even though my …

TV Crafts : Snow Day!

Posted by

It was a “snow day” here at The Martha Stewart Show yesterday. [If you missed it, did you know that every episode reruns the following day at 2 PM? That's today, so you can still check it out!]. My fellow TV Crafter Kristin St. Clair dreamed up a polar bear wonderland … and Jim Noonan …

Our Sources : End of the Crafting Year

Posted by

One of my favorite things to do in this last week of the year is to sit down with a mug of eggnog and organize all my craft supplies that got out of hand over the past 11 months. If you’re like me, you’ve likely accumulated a bunch of fun supplies, salvaged things you will …

Time to Decorate - it's not just for trees anymore!

Behind the Scenes : Time to Decorate - it's not just for trees anymore!

Posted by

This week at TV, while we are “dark” in the studio (actually the studio is literally quite dark – see my photos) our own elves prepared our set for the holidays. I love seeing the old favorites come out of the basement (we really have a basement), and I love seeing all the new decor …

Pumpkin-carving recap and ideas for Holiday photos

Make It : Pumpkin-carving recap and ideas for Holiday photos

Posted by

Okay, so it’s no secret that I had a baby, which apparently makes you go crazy and do all these cutesy things you normally wouldn’t do. I haven’t carved a pumpkin in years, but I REQUIRED that our little guy have his own pumpkin for Halloween. When it was pointed out to me that he …