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Kirsten Earl

Kirsten Earl

Name: Kirsten Earl
Job Title: Crafter
Date started at company: July, 2005
First TV segment you worked on: Catnip rats
Hometown: Medford, NJ
Education: Dartmouth College; B.S. in Physics
First Job: Software developer
Astrological sign: Sagittarius
Personal crafting/artwork: Quilling and quilting are my favorites.
Things you collect: Turtle figurines, coins, quilt fabric, pets

Color: Tie between orange and leaf green: PANTONE 1375C and 390C
Holiday: Halloween
Kind of Fabric: High-quality, beautifully printed quilting cotton
Dessert: Berries and cream
Source: Ikea – I am convinced I can make something awesome out of anything from Ikea.

Editor's Archive

Make It : The Gift of Holiday Music

Posted by

The era of “mix tapes” may be in the past, but I know that my family still enjoys the holiday CDs I make for them each year. The music is timeless, and the variety that can be included in a custom CD is usually more personalized (and less irritating) than a CD bought in a …

Make It : Beeswax Sheets

Posted by

Today on the show, Martha demonstrated rolling your own taper candles from beeswax sheets—an easy craft for those of you who love the idea of candle making, but may be intimidated by melting and pouring wax. And once you get the hang of the process for tapers (explained here), you can make candles of any …

Fabric Folding

Tools & Materials : Fabric Folding

Posted by

Recently I was asked how I cut perfect squares and rectangles from my quilt fabric. The secret, for me, is how I prep and fold it. This is the way my mom taught me, and by no means the only way, but I thought I’d share it in case you find a few tips to …

Vermont Wool

Tools & Materials : Vermont Wool

Posted by

This past Labor Day weekend my husband and I made our way up to Montgomery Center, Vermont. We had a wedding to attend in nearby East Berkshire, so we rented a ski cabin and decided to make a nice holiday weekend of it. I had plenty of time to explore before and after the wedding, …

Quick visit to Martha's house

TV Crafts : Quick visit to Martha's house

Posted by

This morning, the crafters and set stylists from The Martha Stewart Show were lucky enough to take a trip to Martha’s house to explore and be inspired by her “natural habitat.” The set stylists like to give our TV set the look and feel of Martha’s home, so there is a lot of picture-taking and …

Finished Baby Quilt (Follow-Up!)

Our Sources : Finished Baby Quilt (Follow-Up!)

Posted by

Back in September, I blogged about some of my favorite quilting sources while I was in the midst of making baby quilts. To my own surprise, I actually finished one of them before the recipient reached college! Thanks to his photographer mom, Rhea Ramey, I have some great photos to share with you. To create …

Behind the Scenes : The world's most blogged-about bird (post follow-up)

Posted by

You may remember when our colleague Kristin received an unusual and extremely thoughtful Christmas gift from her boyfriend: a collection of friends’ artistic interpretations of her pet bird, Pico. Here at work, we’re no strangers to how obsessed this girl is with her bird, so for Kristin’s April birthday, we coworkers figured there was no …

Behind the Scenes : Origaminizing

Posted by

While I appreciate the art of it, I’ve never been able to get THAT into origami. Maybe it’s that i just have too many craft hobbies already (geez), or that once I’ve made an origami thingie, I don’t know what to do with it. But one particular paper creation that I love, and have found …