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Kirsten Earl

Kirsten Earl

Name: Kirsten Earl
Job Title: Crafter
Date started at company: July, 2005
First TV segment you worked on: Catnip rats
Hometown: Medford, NJ
Education: Dartmouth College; B.S. in Physics
First Job: Software developer
Astrological sign: Sagittarius
Personal crafting/artwork: Quilling and quilting are my favorites.
Things you collect: Turtle figurines, coins, quilt fabric, pets

Color: Tie between orange and leaf green: PANTONE 1375C and 390C
Holiday: Halloween
Kind of Fabric: High-quality, beautifully printed quilting cotton
Dessert: Berries and cream
Source: Ikea – I am convinced I can make something awesome out of anything from Ikea.

Editor's Archive

TV Crafts : That's a wrap!

Posted by

We TV crafters have finished production for our 4th season of “The Martha Stewart Show,” and after a little bit of cleanup/organizing, we are going our separate ways for several weeks to refresh and get inspired for Season 5. Some of the plans we’re looking forward to: Kristin is heading out to California to visit …

Make It : At home: DIY tray-table ironing board

Posted by

Today’s TV Tuesday post written by Kirsten Earl, TV Crafter and TV addict: I like to believe that it’s not just me who still has those hideous wooden folding TV tray tables from the college/just-out-of-college era. My husband and I now have an actual kitchen table to eat on, but I held onto the folding …

Make It : Silk-dyed Eggs

Posted by

This post from the television crew written by Kirsten Earl, TV Crafter and singer of showtunes …. Today, as we wrap up another week of shooting, I just wanted to share with you some photos from my favorite craft I worked on this week: silk-dyed Easter eggs.  Jackie Blais, from our audience department, introduced us …

TV Crafts : Emergency crafting

Posted by

Today’s TV Tuesday post is from Kirsten, TV crafter and collector of turtle figurines: Okay — it was my turn to write the post for TV Tuesday, and here I am typing with one hand because of a completely stupid lunch-making accident this morning that sent me to the ER. Our can opener is broken …

Inspiration Board : TV Inspiration (Part II)

Posted by

Hello again from the TV staff! In our post last week about where we get our inspiration, we forgot to mention our most important resource – Martha Stewart herself. We are extremely fortunate at the television studio to have a very regular interaction with her, and it’s natural for us to get a great deal …

TV Crafts : TV Tuesday!

Posted by

Hello from TV Crafts! We are really thrilled about the new blog! We crafters over at “The Martha Stewart Show” — Hosanna, Aaron, Kristin and Kirsten — will be blogging weekly on the various  goings-on in the television studio and our workroom. We have an extremely fast-paced schedule and we’re always on our toes creatively, …