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Marcie McGoldrick

Marcie McGoldrick

Name: Marcie McGoldrick
Job Title: Editorial Director, Crafts and Holiday
Date started at company: May, 1999
First story: Paper Bag Luminarias, Weddings, Fall 2002
Hometown: Oreland, Pa
Education: Pratt Institute (MID) Masters Industrial Design
First Job: Babysitter
Astrological sign: Virgo
Personal crafting/artwork: Ceramics,
First craft memory: Not positive but I think it included pasta as beads
Things you collect: Eva Zeisel Dishes, Blown Glass

Color (Pantone): Pantone #185
Holiday: Halloween
Pizza topping: Mushrooms
Kind of Fabric: Linen
Dessert: Chocolate
Source: Ceramic Supply of New York and New Jersey
Craft Disaster: mold making mishap ended up having latex oozing out everywhere Candy Shop Gifts

Editor's Archive

Inspiration Board : Crafting Playlist

Posted by

I have been downloading a bunch of new music lately .  It is so convenient and immediate but I have to say I miss having physical CD’s and Album covers – better for the planet of course but I do enjoy them,  especially the clever ones.  Here are some that I really like.  Oh – my …

Eggstreme Egg Crafting

Inspiration Board : Eggstreme Egg Crafting

Posted by

Todays post is a project from Eric Pike our Creative Director.  You may have seen his apartment in Living, if not you can take the tour on our website.  We are always in awe of the craft projects that Eric does and when he showed us his egg dome last year we asked him if we …

Make It : Egg Dyeing 101

Posted by

Egg Dyeing season is upon us!  You may remember that last year we introduced our Egg Dyeing 101 App, this year we have updated it with 4 additional how-to videos.  The app has a gallery of our favorite eggs, how-to for each of the techniques and an egg dyeing basics section (complete with dyeing recipes and …

Inspiration Board : Downton Abbey DIY

Posted by

Now that season 2 of Downton Abbey is over,  it seems we will have to wait until 2013 for Season 3 (September 2012 in the UK).  In case you need a bit of a Downton fix before then – there is always the box set available from PBS or you can amuse yourselves with a little …

Not Quite Secret Santa - Not Quite Secret Valentine

Inspiration Board : Not Quite Secret Santa - Not Quite Secret Valentine

Posted by

A group of us usually get together in early December for a gift exchange “secret santa”  We each draw a name and make a gift for that person.  This year we didn’t get it together before Christmas and a new tradition was born – from now on we will have Secret Valentine instead of Secret …

Crafting + Chocolate = Yummy Valentines

Around Town : Crafting + Chocolate = Yummy Valentines

Posted by

  Just in time for Valentine’s Day, Matt and Mary have made a series of limited edition chocolate bars.    They come wrapped in marbleized papers that Mary made herself.  She used the marbleizing instructions that we have online.  I am particularly fond of marbleizing because it is one of those techniques where the results will completely surprise …

Make It : Photo Pillows

Posted by

About 10 years ago I made my mother photo pillows for Christmas.  It was before she had grandchildren,  so I made them with some vintage photos from her childhood.  Those pillows have definitely seen better days and this Thanksgiving she mentioned how much she loved them but that they were getting “a little ratty”.   …

Christmas Trees in July

Inspiration Board : Christmas Trees in July

Posted by

In the summer when most people are thinking about going to the beach and cooling off, the Craft Department is thinking about Christmas. On a hot and sunny morning this past July, Blake and I headed to Simonson Tree Farm in New Jersey to pick out a tree for the Star Power story. We were …