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Marcie McGoldrick

Marcie McGoldrick

Name: Marcie McGoldrick
Job Title: Editorial Director, Crafts and Holiday
Date started at company: May, 1999
First story: Paper Bag Luminarias, Weddings, Fall 2002
Hometown: Oreland, Pa
Education: Pratt Institute (MID) Masters Industrial Design
First Job: Babysitter
Astrological sign: Virgo
Personal crafting/artwork: Ceramics,
First craft memory: Not positive but I think it included pasta as beads
Things you collect: Eva Zeisel Dishes, Blown Glass

Color (Pantone): Pantone #185
Holiday: Halloween
Pizza topping: Mushrooms
Kind of Fabric: Linen
Dessert: Chocolate
Source: Ceramic Supply of New York and New Jersey
Craft Disaster: mold making mishap ended up having latex oozing out everywhere Candy Shop Gifts

Editor's Archive

Easter Surprise - It's an Egg Dyeing App!

Celebrate : Easter Surprise - It's an Egg Dyeing App!

Posted by

We mentioned in our April issue that we had an Easter Surprise up our sleeves. Today we are thrilled to announce the release of Egg Dyeing 101 — our very first crafts app for the iPhone! We selected our favorite ideas for egg projects and compiled them into a gallery of 101 egg images, complete …

Fruit and Herb Soaps

Make It : Fruit and Herb Soaps

Posted by

I have always enjoyed making soap because it feels somewhere between a recipe you make in the kitchen and a science experiment. I love the trial-and-error approach and am always excited to see what it can yield. Our latest soap project can be found in ”Wonder Bars” from our April issue. Instead of using colorants and …

PaperWheel Press

Inspiration Board : PaperWheel Press

Posted by

A few weeks ago we had a visit from the folks at Twitter. They brought with them some beautiful letterpress cards made by Elizabeth Bailey Weil of PaperWheel Press. Elizabeth works at Twitter and in her spare time runs a letterpress stationery company. In addition to offering custom letterpress design she also has a line …

Colorful Cupcakes

Make It : Colorful Cupcakes

Posted by

One thing that I have learned from baking with my niece and nephew is that after cracking the eggs, the most exciting part for them is decorating. Last weekend we decided to do some early valentine baking and instead of waiting till the end for the decorating, we colored the batter to make the mixing …

Behind the Scenes : Cleaning Up for the New Year

Posted by

Some of you may remember some our very first posts where we talked about our move from 42nd Street and organizing the crafts room. We do our best to keep the crafts room neat, but with seven people constantly crafting, it is always in need of a little sprucing up. More like a lot of …

Inspiration Board : Let It Snow

Posted by

We have been surrounded by snow in New York since the day after Christmas. Now it has become a bit too dirty and too icy for crafting, but in preparation for the next snowfall here are some of my favorite projects. Mini snowmen are perfect for a light snowfall (not that much snow is required). …

Behind the Scenes: Fine Specimens

Behind the Scenes : Behind the Scenes: Fine Specimens

Posted by

Sometimes our stories come together in the strangest ways. One idea sparks another and you end up trying something exciting and new. This is what happened with our “Fine Specimens” feature this October. We had the idea to create a “cabinet of curiousities” for Halloween but weren’t sure how we would bring it to life. …

Inspiration Board : Check Out the New Living Blogs!

Posted by

We’re thrilled to announce the launch of three new blogs from the the editors of Martha Stewart Living.  The gardening department brings you great tips and information at Living in the Garden. Our food department offers a glimpse behind the scenes at the magazine, and in the life of a food editor, at Taste of the …