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Nick Andersen

Nick Andersen

Name: Nicholas Andersen
Job Title: Senior Associate Crafts Editor
Date Started at company: September, 2006
First Story: Summer Good Things, 2006
Hometown: Honolulu, HI
Education: University Of Michigan, Ceramics & Graphic Design
First Job: Selling art supplies at Ulrich’s Bookstore in Ann Arbor
Astrological sign: Cancer
Personal crafting/artwork: mostly sewing, I like to make my own pants
First craft memory: Making a popsicle stick snowflake with blue glitter for Christmas in preschool
Things you collect: Fabric, I have too much!

Color (Pantone): Pantone # 7446U
Holiday: May 1st is Lei Day in Hawaii, a day to give and receive leis, as children, we learned how to make plumeria and ti leaf leis in school
Pizza topping: Fresh Mozzarella
Type of fabric: Ikat
Dessert: Yakimochi from Café Zaiya (Japanese baked mochi filled with sweet red bean paste)
Source:, I used their dyes in the Ombre story Ribbon Stars Ombre Bed Tissue Paper Pom Poms

Editor's Archive

Ask the Crafts Dept. : Set Dyed Fabric & Prevent Bleeding

Posted by

Ed Mitby asks: I recently was in India and purchased several tablecloths and table settings that apparently are made with vegetable dye. Supposedly you are supposed to soak these in salt water before washing to prevent bleeding, but how much salt, what water temperature, and how long? Very good question! I didn’t know the answer …

Bias Tape Makers

Photo Galleries : Bias Tape Makers

Posted by

One of my favorite sewing tools is the bias tape maker. With the heat of an iron, this tool folds strips of fabric into perfect bias trim. It is commonly used to finish seams on the inside of garments and often used to complete the outside edge of a quilt. It’s usually not the focus …

Make It : Clip Art Photo Calendar

Posted by

I wanted to share this clip art calendar from the current issue of Living. It’s a great way to enjoy a favorite photo or several photos over the course of the new year. It’s also inexpensive pretty easy to make, here is the how-to,  clip art and frame. Happy New Year!…

Make It : Tie Dye Gifts

Posted by

I have always wanted to try some tie dye crafts. My friend Karlo Bello made some great dyed scarves to give as gifts and to sell at the recent Martha Stewart Craft Sale. I saw the results of his efforts and wanted to share a few. He is inspired by all types of shibori including …

Make It : A Thanksgiving Wreath

Posted by

This is a corn wreath I made for A Texas Thanksgiving. The secret to it’s construction is gluing wire into the base of the corn, it makes it easy to secure to the form and arrange once you are done. It takes some time to prep the corn but it is constructed very simply. Smaller corn …

Tools & Materials : Pilot HI-TEC-C

Posted by

I love these pens, the Pilot HI-TEC-C pen is so great because it has such a fine point, they are available in 0.4 and 0.3 and even 0.25mm! There are lots of fine tip felt pens available but I’m a hard writer and I tend to destroy the felt tip. What I love about them is that …

Make It : Hawaiian Quilt Paper Craft

Posted by

This Rice Paper Wall Art project is a great way for non-sewers to enjoy  Hawaiian quilting motifs, it’s basically like cutting a paper snowflake. I found that rice paper worked best because of its strength and because it was thin enough to cut through after folding it several times. Here are templates for ti leaf, …

Behind the Scenes : Hawaiian Quilting

Posted by

Lisa, her quilt, me and my mother This is the Hawaiian quilt featured in this months Martha Stewart Living. In preparation for the story I had to find a traditional Hawaiian Quilt, I wanted to show the inspiration for all of the quilt inspired projects we feature in the magazine. After a few e-mails I found …