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Nick Andersen

Nick Andersen

Name: Nicholas Andersen
Job Title: Senior Associate Crafts Editor
Date Started at company: September, 2006
First Story: Summer Good Things, 2006
Hometown: Honolulu, HI
Education: University Of Michigan, Ceramics & Graphic Design
First Job: Selling art supplies at Ulrich’s Bookstore in Ann Arbor
Astrological sign: Cancer
Personal crafting/artwork: mostly sewing, I like to make my own pants
First craft memory: Making a popsicle stick snowflake with blue glitter for Christmas in preschool
Things you collect: Fabric, I have too much!

Color (Pantone): Pantone # 7446U
Holiday: May 1st is Lei Day in Hawaii, a day to give and receive leis, as children, we learned how to make plumeria and ti leaf leis in school
Pizza topping: Fresh Mozzarella
Type of fabric: Ikat
Dessert: Yakimochi from Café Zaiya (Japanese baked mochi filled with sweet red bean paste)
Source:, I used their dyes in the Ombre story Ribbon Stars Ombre Bed Tissue Paper Pom Poms

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More from our library…This book Pacific Pattern is one of my favorites, it explores patterns in fabric and fiber in the South Pacific. It has amazing photos of pattern used in all aspects of life, from architecture to clothing and quilting…

Open Studio : New Sewing Station

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It’s great to get a fresh start in the new Craft room. We decided to put the sewing station in the corner. The wall of windows provides a great view of the city and a lot of light, perfect for sewing. We got a large table for the new Pfaff creative 2.0, it looks amazing. I have …