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Stephanie Hung

Stephanie Hung

Name: Steph Hung
Job Title: Assistant Editor
Date started at company: June 2007, as an intern
First story you worked on: Candles Take Shape for the Holidays
Hometown: Mississauga, ON
Education: Biology, Queen's University. Fashion Design, George Brown College
First job: Selling popcorn at the movie theater
Astrological sign: Capricorn
Personal crafting/Artwork: Thread drawings and repurposing salvaged materials

Color: Pantone 536
Holiday: I love Victoria Day because it marks the beginning of summer and camp season.
Pizza topping: Olives
Kind of fabric: Cotton jersey
Dessert: Ice cream
Source: Buttons Buttons (Vancouver), Tomato (Tokyo)
Font: Georgia
Martha Stewart craft: Christmas stockings from "The Twelve Days of Christmas"

Editor's Archive

Our Sources : ULINE

Posted by

While we’re on the subject of organizing this month, I wanted to share one of our favourite sources for helping us stay neat and orderly:  ULINE.  A popular website for shipping supplies, they carry a wide range of products that are not only perfect for keeping our craft materials in order, but are great for using …


Make It : Owlies

Posted by

Today’s guest post was written by our friend Sarah Goldschadt, who has been known to get crafty from time to time. Sarah’s friends have just written a sweet book where all the projects are miniature, but don’t underestimate the punch of these pint-size crafts. That would be a big mistake. Big. Huge. “Hi Everyone! I’m …

Pet Costumes

Behind the Scenes : Pet Costumes

Posted by

One of my favorite projects was the pet costume story in this month’s issue of Living. After rounding up some of the best-looking staff pets, pulling together simple costumes—both handmade and store-bought—and gathering handfuls of tasty treats (after all, every trick has its price), we rallied together for a very hands-on photo shoot. Who knew wrangling …

Handmade Holiday Crafts Book

Celebrate : Handmade Holiday Crafts Book

Posted by

Our new crafts book has arrived! Just in time, too—Halloween is just around the corner. After that, it’s a whirlwind of celebrations: Thanksgiving, Hannukah, and then Christmas! If you are inspired to make something for the holidays, we’ve got you covered from A to Z—or rather, from New Year’s Eve to Christmas Day. No more worrying …

Make It : Smocking With Gingham

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It’s all about gingham in the newest issue of Living. From tiny checks on a tablecloth to large squares on a folding screen, this pattern covers all the bases. Take this curtain, for instance. We gave it a decorative detail by adding smocking—a traditional sewing technique in which fabric is gathered so it can stretch. The …

Painted Wood Blocks Tutorial

Make It : Painted Wood Blocks Tutorial

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Today’s guest post was written by our talented friend Erin Jang: “My nephew, J, adores the NYC subway. His 5th birthday party is tomorrow, and here is something I made for him. I love to make my nephews special gifts for their birthdays. For J’s 3rd birthday, I made him a personalized subway map. For his …

A Blanket for Baby

Make It : A Blanket for Baby

Posted by

When my dear friend told me she was expecting, I wanted to make her something useful and (relatively) timeless. Here’s the thing: I love knitting but hate following patterns. There’s something relaxing about the repetitive motion of my hands clicking away with their own muscle memory, and throwing a pattern into the mix always disrupts …

Make It : Faux Caning

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In the current issue of Martha Stewart Living, we show you how to mimic a caning pattern in paint. All you need are a few supplies: painters’ tape, spray adhesive, spray paint, and a sheet of caning. Begin by taping off edges and other areas that you don’t want painted. For this bureau, we also …