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Silke Stoddard

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Inspiration Board : cross stitch generations

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  Have you seen Steph’s adorable cross stitch story in the November issue of Martha Stewart Living !? It is so sweet and inspiring. The whole time while she was developing it, I would look over her shoulder, admire yet another fun detail in a drawing, recognize a friend in a finished stitched piece …. …

Inspiration Board : Gingham

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  One question we are asked over and over again is about where we go to get inspiration for our stories. Not an easy one to answer, since each story comes from a different place, experience, need, book, family tradition, fabric swatch, dream…. But the best inspirations come when they just show up where you …

Make It : Ribbon Cards

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I recently received a crafters dream gift—a bag full of ribbons of all kinds from a dear family friend. She had collected these ribbons all her life, they even include her mothers collection. Apparently neither of her daughters, nor her granddaughter, have any interest, and since I’ve spent many hours as a teenager sewing and …

Back to School Treat Bags

Celebrate : Back to School Treat Bags

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How does summer always go so quick? It is already time to go back to school?! A little while ago Blake showed me these adorable little bags, knowing how much I love things with the lines and grids. I ordered them right away for a small back-to-school treat for my kids. A few years ago I …

Plus Baby = (Doll) Family

Make It : Plus Baby = (Doll) Family

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Remember when I said I couldn’t wait to make a baby doll for my cousin!? Well, Ronja was just born, and I’m so happy for her sweet parents (and now I have a reason to make another doll). I made a baby doll with a bunting body rather than with legs. It is pretty much the …

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