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Valerie Courtney

Valerie Courtney

Name: Valerie Courtney
Job Title: Associate Crafts Designer
Date started at company: Started freelancing with the company in June ’07, became full time as the Editorial Crafts Assistant in February ’08. A few months later I joined the crafts product design team.
First product design you saw on shelf: Halloween 2008 treat bags, scrapbooking paper, and stickers at Michael’s craft stores
Hometown: Piscataway, NJ
Education: The Fashion Institute of Technology, BFA in Packaging Design
First Job: Counter girl at a gourmet café/market
Astrological Sign: Capricorn
Personal crafting/artwork: and
Things you collect: 1950/60’s dishware and cookbooks/household guides (I love the charming illustrations inside) and anything with polka dots

Color: turquoise
Holiday: Halloween in June! This has become an annual event for my friends and I. We celebrate my boyfriend’s birthday by going out in costumes like it’s Halloween in June. For the first official holiday I dressed up as a horse jockey and my boyfriend went as a superhero called “Birthday Boy!”
Pizza topping: I like my pizza topping free– it’s perfect as is
Kind of Fabric: Houndstooth
Dessert: Ice cream (cones, pops, sandwiches, you name it)
Source: Parcel (
Martha Stewart Craft: I am a designer for the MS Craft line– I design products that I myself would like to buy ( Some of my favorite craft ideas include: matchbox gifts and homemade snow globes

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Hi all, I’ve been a crafter for as long as I can remember… As a child, I used to play hooky from school and turn my bookcases into high-rise apartment buildings for my stuffed animals or construct playhouses out of refrigerator boxes. With this sort of background you can imagine how working at Martha has …

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Hi there– Valerie Courtney here. I’m an associate crafts designer in the product design department here at Martha. I am thrilled to be representing our department as a contributor here on the crafts blog. I’ll be offering glimpses into our daily lives as designers at the company. A topic that I think many of us …