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Jell-O Mold Competition

Around Town : Jell-O Mold Competition

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A couple of weeks ago, I participated in a Jell-O Mold competition hosted by the Gowanus Studio Space.  They asked designers to, “take Jell-O out of the cafeteria and break the mold, as it were, on Jell-O molds.”  I teamed up with Lauren Tempera from the food department, and we developed Twisted Citrus…three jello flavors …

Around Town : Folk Art at the Brooklyn Flea

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My Saturday morning ritual usually starts with my cat, Ghost, swirling around and head butting me at the crack of dawn, a cup of coffee, and then a short walk from my apartment to the Brooklyn Flea, Fort Greene’s Flea Market. I rarely have something in mind to buy.  I allow my eyes to scan …

Pressed Plants

Around Town : Pressed Plants

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Now that easter has come and gone, I’m posting about one more crafts story in the April issue, The Art of pressing Plants. This was such a fascinating story to develop. The idea we started with was simple: explore the traditional technique of botanical pressing, but on a much larger scale, then come up with …

Photos from Stitch Fest

Around Town : Photos from Stitch Fest

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As you probably know, we celebrated the launch of our new Encyclopedia of Sewing and Fabric Crafts with a big party full of demonstrations, projects, and displays.  If you weren’t able to make it, take a look at the photos below for a little tour of Stitch Fest. photographs by Emily Roemer…

Philly in bloom

Around Town : Philly in bloom

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The other week I had the rare opportunity of getting out of the office to see the Philadelphia International Flower Show.  It was the perfect day trip from New York, just over an hour by train. The highly attended event dates way back to the 1820s. I briskly walked by most of the floral and …

Around Town : great sources

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I thought this post would be a nice follow-up to Silke’s recent post on care packages. I’ve been putting together a package myself, to send to a best friend and her family who moved far far away a year ago.  Taking inspiration from Silke’s advent calendar,  I’m sending lots of small gifts to be unwrapped one …

January's Bergdorf Windows

Around Town : January's Bergdorf Windows

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Though January’s windows at Bergdorf Goodman can never compare to December’s, these are pretty great.  There is a clean look for the new year, but the large neon light sculptures are certainly eye catching.  A crafty interpretation of the classic neon sign!…

Holiday Windows at Bergdorf

Around Town : Holiday Windows at Bergdorf

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Beautiful window displays are some of my favorite things about December in New York.  The cream of the crop can be found on Fifth Avenue at Bergdorf Goodman.  Their windows are beautiful year-round, but each year at the holidays thousands of people flock to be dazzled by these displays.  So in case you won’t be …