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Behind the Scenes : HSN & Martha Stewart Crafts: Glitter Ornaments

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Today’s guest post comes from Anduin Havens, our Design Director of videos and lover of crafts here at Martha Stewart.  She will be live on HSN on September 17.  Here is a behind the scenes look at the glitter ornament craft she will be demonstrating.  One of  the best parts of my job at Martha …

Behind the Scenes : For the Makers

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We’re excited to give you a behind the scenes look at the For the Makers workspace. With so many moving parts and materials to keep track of, we were incredibly curious how they made sense of it all. Take a look below at organizing tips and methods from For the Makers founders Katie and Janet. …

Behind the Scenes : Super Make It

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I am thrilled to share a project in our May issue from a craft book that I’ve been working on with my friend Amy Gropp Forbes called Super Make It.  In it we’ve used a wide variety of materials from the supermarket: cookies, candy and cereal, coffee filters, things you will find in your recycling …

Behind the Scenes : Homemade Cake Stands!

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I’ve always been a fan of footed dishes and cake stands and, when setting up for a party, often end up wishing that I had a few more. Many years ago Marcie created a 1950’s-looking footed compote for a tablesetting story by hot-gluing a simple white plate onto an inverted white bowl. I’ve kept her …

Behind the Scenes : The April Cover

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Even if you haven’t picked up your copy of April’s Living, I’m sure the electric eggs on the cover have caught your eye! The eggs were shot for Good Things, but when we tried a few cover options, we thought these guys would work well- what do you think?  We had to reshoot them for …

North Carolina Pottery

Behind the Scenes : North Carolina Pottery

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One of the stories you’ll find in the March issue of Living is about David Stuempfle, a North Carolina potter.  You’ll learn a bit of the history of Seagrove, the unique potters’ community where David lives and works, and some fascinating details about his process, from digging the clay, to firing the 30-foot-long kiln (the …

Behind the Scenes : February Valentine's Cover

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Take a look at this animated version of the cover for our February issue of Martha Stewart Living. Doesn’t it just look happy and fun and full of love ?! Just like the perfect Valentines Party, which you can read more about in the issue. What you don’t see, is Daniel, our art director (with …

Craft Room Clean Up!

Behind the Scenes : Craft Room Clean Up!

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With 2012 well underway, we thought the Craft Room here at our offices could use a good clean. This three day undertaking was well worth the work (hauling heavy bins while breathing in dust and glitter), as there’s much to be said for working in a clean, organized environment. We even found some inspiration along …